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Hi. First I rotated the picture ccw two degrees to level the horizon. Then I cropped the picture back to square again. I hated to have to crop any more off the left side, so I cut that as close as I could. Then I cropped the darker section off the right hand side. This looks like it was either a bad scan (of a hardcopy), or morelikely, it is just dark as the camera coped with the sunlight on the left. Perhaps someone with better software than I could lighten that up and bring it back to life. I would have prefered to leave the wide angle, but I don't have photoshop or anything like that (somebody else please give it a try).

I sharpened the whole image to bring the grass a little more into focus. I debated how much to do this to the water, it was 50/50 whether to leave hte water sharp or soft. I eventually left it sharpened. I did some more cropping of the sky to give a bit better proportion (a sad sacrifice, I liked the high cirrus clouds in the upper center and right of the original. Again, if someone can lighten the right hand side of the picture, those could be saved). But I still like your picture.. especially the way the sun's reflection comes right down that narrow swath beside the grass! -johnny

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