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Trip Date:2004-06-16 - 2004-06-26
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Countries visited:Rķssia
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2004.06.16 - 2004.06.27 I with friend has made the Travel on Altai. Biysk - Mayma - Inya - Tungur - Multa - river Krepkaya - Mulitinskie lakes - Mulita - Ust-Kan - Iinka - Cherga - Majma - Biysk. 150 km. - on foot and more than 800 - car.
At the beginning path passed along river Katun, on this trope possible to only go pass on foot. The River Katun most big on Altai and very beautiful. Water clean and possible drink from river. Afterwards, Multa we will go to lake, road good and a part possible to ÔūÓŚűŗÚŁ on machine. Afterwards begins the path and ÔūÓŤÚŤ possible only on foot. The Mountains high and beautiful. On many mountain snow lies all the year. Having Stayed on lake three days we returned home.
If you will want in these place I can be your Explorer.