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Key West Sunset
Key West Sunset (102)
Trip Date:2009-03-08 - 2009-03-20
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Countries visited:Estados Unidos
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Key West is a dream, I mean it is a place that exists in your head with some of it reaching into reality. The sleepy fishing town the Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams knew is gone never to return. Those loners and mavericks and adventurers that once inhabited this place have been replaced by their opposites. Once Key West was an escape from the hustle and bustle of society. Today it is the place where wanna bes come to pretend like they are on adventure. They come 1000 at a time on cruise ships and by countless droves in their cars and pick-up and RVs. Those with any claim of first hand knowledge of the past are rapidly being displaced by those that know how to manipulate and deprive rightful owners of their just due.

It is beautiful in an “Old” Florida sort of way but the greats that once roamed these streets would be aghast at what it has turned into. There is great theater here, in the streets and in the establishments all along both sides of Duval St., north and south of Truman, but the high prose and artful use of vocabulary has given way to the banal and vulgar, not that this has not always been going on here, it is that now it is done completely without class or demeanor or discretion.

It is a place to come for sure, but not to see it for what it once was, but to see what it has devolved into.