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View from the Taiwand wall
View from the Taiwand wall (18)
Trip Date:2004-01-20 - 2004-02-06
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Countries visited:Tail‚ndia
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I went to Thailand in Januari 2004 for a two week climbing holliday. The main destination for the trip was the Railey area outside of Krabi in the Andaman Sea.

Railey turned out to be a climbers paradise and wet dream. 4 wonderful beaches with numerous fantastic cliffs. The only way to get there is by boat or a trek over the mountain on a jungle trail so there are no cars in the Railay area, you get around by boat or by foot. Accomodations are plentiful, in the shape of bungalows, you will also find many cheap restaurants and bars lining the beaches. The people there are less charter tourists and more backpackers and climbers, leading to a very nice and relaxed mood in this area. I can heartly recommend this area even if you are not a climber.

We also stopped one night in Bangkok on the way home, from my experience, one or two days is plenty enough to do Bangkok, or maybe I was just being spoiled from my time in Railey.