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Estados Unidos
Gateway to the west
Gateway to the west (32)
Trip Date:2007-09-22 - 2007-10-04
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Urban Pioneers:

I think that the best pictures of North America on the site here are by visitors from abroad and because of this I have set myself a goal to try and learn as much about this continent as I did about Korea during my sojourn there. I am pretty sure there is a big story here that I need to tell and this is where I am going to try and do it.

North America, like all other areas of the world, has good and bad points though I do think that the beauty of the land ranks right up there with almost any other place on the globe.

The US and, as far as I can tell, Canada is made up of some very hard working people raising their kids and carving out their places in society. Some of these struggles are more colorful or note worthy than others and I think these urban pioneers fall into this group.

These urban trail blazers are no longer beating back the wilderness or stealing the land from the native population but they are fighting enemies just as determined to see them fail. I will attempt to post shots and notes that explain more of what we are really like.

I am on some kind of a search I think for the truth of what we are. Americans are certainly a mix of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures and races, but we are much more too. I do not mean to exclude Canadians or other western cultures because we are all very tightly linked and closely related, but I feel I am free to criticize and/or applaud what we are, or were or will become.

Overseas I heard what the world thinks about us and also what we tell the world we think about ourselves, and I didn't really identify with either version. Now that I am home I am going to search for what we are and research for why we are that. I think that discovering all this, documenting it, and sharing it here on TE will give the sounding board to hopefully push past the hype and the propaganda so see what and who we really are.

Unlike some places where commonality and harmony are the most important elements of the culture, I think that our differences are what is most important here. We need that diversity to survive and continue to blaze new trails, and I am sure that understanding baseball or football is not a requirement, it is just part of the picture.

The Hampton neighborhood on the edge of ďthe HillĒ, the Italian area, in south St. Louis, never saw the complete decline that other areas experienced. These homes were built 70 to 100 years ago and they are still as attractive today as when put up. Some were neglected but as a whole the neighborhood never gave way to inattentive owners. Today the values of these properties are strong, but high market value is a double edged sword; first time buyers have a difficult time breaking into the market. These homes have withstood the test of time but I think the McMansions going up in the new expensive neighborhoods wonít, they seem more a form of instant gratification than sound lasting investment.

All these disparities and conundrums are America, they are what make us what we are I guess, not the problems but the search for innovative solutions, the new trails blazed.