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Mellieha belltower
Mellieha belltower (11)
Trip Date:2003-07-25 - 2003-08-04
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Countries visited:Italia, Malta
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A couple of friends of mine have a tradition, every year they rent a large house somewhere and stay about a week, exploring the surroundings. This started small with only a few people but has been growing since. This year I was asked to come with them to Malta. We where 15 all in all and the house was indeed big with three apartments, three terrasses and our own swimmingpool.

We also rented 3 cars and with these we explored most of Malta. Amongst us where many different interests. Be it culture, nature, diving or just sun and bath and relaxing. This didn't pose to much of a problem since with three cars we could split up during the days and do diverse things. I really recommend this way of vacation, accomodation is very cheap when you are able to do it this way, without losing any in quality. Make sure you select good trusty travelcompanions and be slow taking in new ones.

Malta is a great tourist destination if you are interested in culture and history, since Malta is rich in these. If you only want sun and bath, then there are much better and cheaper places to go to.

We also took a day trip to Sicily which is only 100km from Malta, a speedy catamaran took us there and back and we visitied Mount Etna amongst other things.

I am new to digital photography here, only having bought the camera a couple of weeks before, I came home with over 300 pictures and I'd like to share some of the best of them with you in this travelogue.