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St Antonio Church- Tiradentes 14
St Antonio Church- Tiradentes 14 (31)
Trip Date:2006-01-16
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Countries visited:Brasil
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Tiradentes is a small historical town from 1702, the beginning of the golden rush period in Brazil. Its name comes from one of its most important citizen, the dentist Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, most known as Tiradentes (the one who takes your teeth away). He was the lider of a plot, called Inconfidencia Mineira, which had as objectives the Independence of Brazil from Portugal and the creation of a Republic. In 1789 the time of the "Inconfidencia", the main economical activity in the region was the extraction of gold which Portugal taxed heavy tributes. The growing difficulty of paying those tributes, plus the social inequality between Portuguese and Brazilians generated great dissatisfaction among the educated circle and offered the reasons for the plot. The plot was betrayed by one of its members and all the participants were imprisoned. Tiradentes was executed in 1792, his head was cut and exposed on the main streets of Ouro Preto to serve as an example to the ones unhappy with the Portuguese rule. Tiradentes was recognized as a National Hero after the Republican Declaration in 1889 and had his name given to the city as homage.
The city of Tiradentes lived a long period of decadence after the golden rush period, having as main activity the agriculture, which explains why its size and historical buildings remain practically unchanged. The last two decades the city has known a revival. At least two festivals, besides the traditional religious festivities, are hold in the city: a movie festival in January and a gastronomical festival in August. The city has a bunch of nice restaurants serving delicious traditional dishes, also many warm and friendly bread & breakfast and lots of artists' ateliers and crafts' shops.
Visiting Tiradents is to go back in time, its narrow streets paved with old stones, its colonial houses and churches and its calm atmosphere all contribute to make one feels in a different century. The best way to visit the city is by foot or taking some of the wagons that wait for tourists at the "Largo das Forras". You can go by car or bus from Belo Horizonte (about 3hs drive), Rio de Janeiro (5hs) or Sao Paulo. Another option is to go until Sao Joao del Rey and take the old train until Tiradentes, which can be nice if you want to visit both cities, have kids with you or have time to spend on a pleasant slow trip. For more details about the city and its atraction please check the pictures notes on this travelogue.