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Reino Unido
Abbey's view
Abbey's view (4)
Trip Date:2005-10-16 - 2005-10-31
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Countries visited:Holanda, Reino Unido
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My intinerary:
- Scotland (Glenroth, Saint Andrews and Edinburg)
- England (London and Bath)
- Netherlands (Amsterdam)
- Germany (Berlin)

I was in Scotland visiting my newfound family, after some 50 years apart. A long story about a grand-uncle of mine that went to fight the second world war and left two siblings behind. The perceverance of one of them reunited us!
In London, I was staying with a couple of friend. She is like my younger sister.
In Amsterdam, I meet my sister and Van Gogh! The Anne Frank's house was very comovent too.
And Berlin was the place to win over my fears (being a jew...). Now I know that every jew should visit this city for the importance it has in ours people history.