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Estados Unidos
For a decade I managed camera stores in the Pacific Northwest. I digitized years of film archives and have presented them along with newer digital images. Photography is a great art form, whether digital or film. I will be placing my historic images along with newer digital ones. Owning a small company keeps me busy, but as time and budget will allow, I pursue boating (power and sail) and hiking. Those activities propel me into the environments I love to photograph.

I tend to stick with Nikon equipment. Currently I am currently shooting with a Nikon D5500 24.7 megapixel digital SLR. In the days of film, I have worked with Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Miranda 35mm's. Several of my images are from medium format and larger including Pentax 6x7, Mamyia 645, Yashica TLR, Fuji 617, Hassleblad, and Crown Graphic 4x5. My most favorite of the 35mm film cameras is the Nikon Nikkormat FTn. My first 35mm camera was an Argus C3. I first discovered the joys of photography through shooting 126 cartridge film in the '60's and never stopped image taking.

I am a "rough" photographer. I often do not use a tripod [Later on, I've made much more use of a tripod]. Many of my images I would not have if I adhered to a rule of using a tripod. Shooting a camera is much like shooting a gun. Here is my approach: 1) I stagger my stance and bend my knees slightly, 2) comfortably hold the camera body with my right hand, 3) cradle the lens in my left, 4) hold my breath, 5) gently squeeze the release and, 6) I hesitate for a moment after hearing the sound of the shutter. I always get crisp images at 1/500 sec, almost always at 1/250th sec, and I do well most of the time at 1/125th of a second.

Getting back to my roots, I purchased my old favorite platform, a Nikkormat FTn and a used 35-105mm Nikkor zoom lens, and some good film. Some of my best experiences and shots were with this camera so I am going to see if I can match current digital levels. I also recently picked up a Mamyia twin-lens reflex and have shot a couple of rolls with it that turned out fine.

Medium file format: I owned a 645 and that just was not enough of an increased footprint over 35mm. From my current studies, cameras I'd consider if continuing with film are the "Mamyia 7 II" rangefinder or the "Pentax 67 II" SLR (which I have shot before).

Please see for a more current portfolio (Nov, 2018).

J. R. Hudson,
Seattle, Washington, USA
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