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Estados Unidos
I realized my intro was getting wordier and wordier. This is it in a nutshell: I am an engineering professor living in New Castle, PA, U.S.A. I teach electrical engineering at Geneva College. I am married to a wonderful woman who, on top of managing the household, practices family medicine in New Wilmington, PA. We have three children: two boys (13 & 7) and a girl (12 - as of 2013). I grew up in Turkey and came to the States for graduate work in 1982 and have lived in the U.S. since. I have never had formal training in photography but have been taking pictures ever since my dad allowed me to press the shutter (after setting for correct exposure and focus himself) of his camera before I even started school. I have discovered TE rather late in life, but I am enjoying my time spent on it.

Most people introduce themselves as amateur photographers. I guess I am one of those, since I haven't deliberately tried or serendipitously succeeded selling a single one of my photos. However, I looked for a word that would describe me more precisely: On other sites, I go by "shipshuck," English transliteration of the Turkish word şipşak, meaning snapshot. I don't have the time or patience to wait for the correct position of the sun or the energy to lug around a tripod but I like to take photos. So I shoot what I see where I see it, which would make all my pictures snapshots.
Having said that, my photographic history goes back to my early childhood. My dad used to take snapshots and he is the one who taught me the first principles of photography: keep the horizon horizontal, move around to get a good vantage point, do not have poles sticking out people's heads, do not shoot against the sun, do not point the camera at the sun and the like. On his Agfa camera, he taught me the rules of exposure: the higher the number, the smaller the aperture, thus less light, also, the higher the number, the faster the shutter speed and again, less light. He would let me use his camera to take a shot or two when we went on vacations. Then my world changed: My sister went to Germany to study with some accomplished German violinist and on one of her trips home, brought me this REVUE mat 12, an instamatic camera with a fixed focus plastic lens and only two aperture settings (sunny and shady). It took 126 cartridges (now extinct)and it was easy to load and unload. Boy, did I have fun with that camera! Too bad I can't find a single negative I shot with that camera.
As I got older, I started borrowing Dad's 1950s Agfa for more serious photos, dreaming to get an SLR one day. I came to the States for my graduate studies and on my first trip to New York, I went to the camera alley slobbering over all those Nikons, Canons & Pentaxes. Then I went in to one of those stores, told the clerk I was poor graduate student in search of a cheap but decent camera and he said, "I've got just the right camera for you" and brought out a Yashica FX-3 with a 35 mm lens. After seeing the price tag (about a hundred dollars), I fell in love with that. Later I got two Tamron zoom lenses for it.
My first digital camera was a Kodak EasyShare DX6340. Then A Kodak P880 and a Kodak Z980 filled the gap until I acquired my first DSLR, a Nikon D7000.
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