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Zovem se Klaudio, Branko Dadić. Po rođenju Dalmatinac, po sudbini Australac. Ali taj koji uvik pati za uspavanku mog plavog mora i za tihog šaputa bora. I ako sam na drugom kraju svita, Dalmacija je uvik sa mnom.
Na TEu sam jer volim ovaj naš smušeni svijet i lipote koje nam je dragi Bog darovao ali koje mi uništavamo bez kajanja. Kroz moje fotke trudim se da pokažem da ljubav I lipota su naše pravo bogatstvo.

Io sono un figlio d'un Zaratino. Mio padre Giovanni parlava italiano con i suoi cugini e italiano era una lingua che ho sentito intorno a me per i primi sette anni della mia vita. Ogni volta che sento qualcuno parlare italiano, ci si sente come se quella parte della mia vita è ancora viva.

Unë kam lindur në Arbanasi, Zadar. Babai im i cili është nëntëdhjetë flet shqiptare dhe ashtu si unë u mësimin e gjuhës nga gjyshërit e mi, ne emigruar. Unë jam i trishtuar që nuk kam mësuar shqipen që brezi i babait tim është duke përfunduar dhe me atë dialekt Arbanasi do të zhduket si ajo tashmë ka në Zadar. Një ditë unë shpresoj për të vizituar vende nga të cilat stërgjyshërit e mi emigruar.

It is a wonder and a privilege to have the gift of sight. What a true marvel is the eye, which started off millennia ago as light-sensitive cells on the surface of the skin that later became connected by nerves to the brain.

EIGHT years have flown past since I joined TE! Tempus fugit. Millions of images have crossed my line of vision, most of which were a product of my daily interactions, a fraction of these from images uploaded by TE members.
From my own participation with the world around me, some images have become implanted in my mind for as long as I live: the proud face of my Aboriginal guide in Uluru, the sunsets during the fires in Victoria, my sighting, after half a century, of my primary school on my visit to Dalmatia…
To many such impressions I can add the memorable images I have seen on TE of places that I will never see in person, but which have fired my imagination: images of Chile, Mongolia, Canada, Finland, Tanzania (Zanzibar)…

Joining TE has made me more involved in the world around me as I now make a greater effort to see more, go farther and explore different possibilities. I feel that I have become more creative as I begin to see things not only through my eyes, but also through the eyes of TE members. Having said that, I will only go so far in following the lead of the TE’s preferred image aesthetics. I refuse to over saturate and over sharpen images, since nature is not that cruel to our sensibilities. Just imagine living under a sky that is often seen and lauded on this site! We would suffer from constant migraines or nausea as violent colours assault our senses. I try to keep the image as close to what I saw at the time. Original should mean Original. Filters are fine, but as Shakespeare said, too much honey at once makes it loathsome, so too with overworked CPLs and other filters.

I thank all those members who have shown interest in my photos and my ramblings and who have dropped in regularly over the years. Your support and suggestions have given me the motivation to share with you something about my past and my present.
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