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I've been taking pictures since I was 17. When I was younger and had more time I would spend hours in the darkroom, emerging bleary-eyed at dawn. Gradually, the SLR gathered dust. I waited for years until digital cameras got good enough and cheap enough, finally taking the plunge in July 2002. Since then I've taken thousands of pics some of which have really pleased me.

I discovered TE in December 2003. I think I'm addicted. I spend my daily points like a kid in a sweet shop. Oooh, look at this one! Yum yum! This is a wonderful community, the first one on the web I've actively participated in. I love receiving criticism about my photos, good or bad, so don't hold back.


Well, it's been a few months since I was a regular contributor to TE - the sheer number of new photos overwhelmed me, I was spending 3 hours a night critiquing photos, and there were always more I wanted to comment on. So the comments I left became more abbreviated, until I felt I wasn't doing justice to the fantastic photos here. The good stuff flies by too fast to savour properly.
My circumstances changed too, I'm now working in Prague, and I'm going to be a father. Wow!
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