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After a long period of neglect I am returning to treakearth with a renewed determination, tens of thousands of miles, and some new tools. Photography has always been an elemental component of experiencing life for me- traveling and at home. I love seeing the evolution of my ability to travel, photograph (the photos I have here begin when I was 14) and experience. As the line between departure and arrival has blurred in recent years, my time has been consumed by the action, leaving little time for reflection and photographic growth... I have taken photos, but I have not spent as much time as I would like experimenting and aquaitning myself with my camera and the potential it holds.

I love Steve McCurry, Thomas Abercrombie, and all the old-school National Geographic photographer/adventurers with good stories to tell and excellent photographs that tell them. I dream of taking similarly epic photos- less for the cover of national geographic and more for my own personal satisfaction.
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