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I like the World full of colors and unexpected events (preferably nice ones). Maybe, you can explain that by the fact I am a geographer by education, and that I was choosing between geography and archeology in my childhood. Maybe because of my interest to literature – both reading and writing and a great love to the Book itself like cultural milestone and great phenomena, that became apparent in my childhood also. Since that times I have a Master diploma in Environmental management (but do work in other fields) and great interest to European history, architecture, culture, and traveling (and a disco and early techno music, by the way! :)).
As a small remark, I would say that I am more interested in urban life than in wild nature, although I am sure there is a lot to find everywhere.

I need to confess that I am not a big specialist in any equipment and the main thing for me in the photography is an interesting theme of pictures – I like to study them, to find what is in a background, to dream of places shown. ‘What is beyond?’
It’s something like to study Old Netherlanders paintings from 16 and 17 centuries – the rich background with cities, people, landscapes battles and taken up stories in addition to the main painting subject…

However, I acknowledge the significance of a good realization of the picture. Then, any advice to improve my pictures and technique, any practical help with explanations is very much appreciated!

To say something more… I’ll think and will probably add other thoughts!!!
Best wishes! Vsem privet! Dag!

PS I have found TrekEarth site while looking for Manila pictures, to my mind. In order to find if the colonial architecture remained there and was very much impressed by TE pictures!
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