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Although rejection is a part of the dating game, wise people try to reduce it to a minimum. But others wonder what went wrong with their dates. There are some obvious reasons. Many people believe that the reasons guys fail in dating women are so varied because of the unique personality of people.

Firstly comes taking the wrong approach. Everything begins with the proper approach. This is an important issue to understand, because it would be impossible to have a successful dating experience, if guys do not know how to properly approach the fairer sex. Among the reasons why men fail at dating women, this is obviously the most common one. Men have to understand that if there is no positive response, then they must try to move on and try to meet other women. Men usually make the wrong approach because they feel that either they have to put up a front, or they expect every woman they talk with to respond positively.
Next comes giving in to preconceived notions. It is inevitable that majority of those in the dating scene already have a preconceived notion about women that they are just after his money or other material belonging and it is impossible to find women who can provide them the emotional need they require. These preconceived notions are usually the products of past experiences or those of their family and friends. These notions are huge obstacles in the path of having a satisfying dating experience with a top pheromone cologne
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Another reason is failing to listen. Many men on the dating scene fail to realize the extreme value of learning how to listen. They create an atmosphere where either they keep on talking about themselves, or they hear but do not listen to what women are saying while dating.
Fourthly come feeling unworthy. There are a good number of male populations who are not quite sure of themselves. Their most common problem is that they lack confidence; they feel that as women are pettier than them, they will never like them.

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Lastly comes unable to execute. One of the reasons why guys fail is that they cannot implement what they have practiced for a date. Men fail to realize that by planning all these, they forget to bring out the best in them. They become so mechanical that the fun and pleasure of dating is totally lost.
But there are some ways to improve a date. The best way to approach a woman is to be themselves. If they do not elicit a positive response, then they should accept this and move on. He should not let his inferiority complex get over him. Guys should not worry too much about how they are looking and what impression they are making and try to ensure to make their dates comfortable and try to listen what they are saying. The conversation should be kept light and positive. Play the game rather than being obsessed about the results. Enjoy the road and forget about the destination for a while, and you will get there.
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