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Te is a perfect waste of time,
with moments of happiness
when I learned something,
about photography or the world.

anyway . . . I try to tell the story of Latvia . . . with parts of my life in between.

after being a member for 6 years, I decided to erase most of my photo's (112); they are simply of no use to anyone.

I have experienced a rollercoaster ride on TE; I started like anyone else; hunting points and building friendships. I became disappointed, because hardly anyone reacted on the notes I wrote.
I was trying to tell the story of Latvia, and this has gone unnoticed; the beauty of the country and it's people. The habbits that sets it appart. The changes from Soviet to country. The history of the past and things to come. My place was unique, and so where my photo's I was hoping.
But I was in the wrong place.

I tried to change this by writing honest critiques, and motivate others to do the same.
I turned off my points a long time ago.

I would like to thank some of the friends; Isebella, George, Kevinos, Anna, Henk, and many more (look at my favourites list). They stood by me, even in my most iritating moments on the forum ;)
I also like Adam, for starting this site and sometimes listening to me.

In the end, TE has not been the place I was hoping it would be. The streetphotographers have left, the notes have lost their meaning, the intention of the photographer lost and ignored in a 2-point reply. In general; people lost the ability to look for quality.

So what is photography?
That split second we freeze and present as a truth?
Is photography more than a thousend words, capable of ending wars?
Or is a just a beautiful photo, giving us hope, a chocolat among the emotions of our day?

What is TE? A boost for our Ego, or a place for photographers?
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