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My Name is Bettina and I live in the beautiful state of Oregon. I enjoy reading, writing, photography and having adventures with my family. One day I will travel the world, photograph it and write about my travels.

I love this website because of all the different people, places and perspectives I learn about and by learning from all the wonderful people who post on here I will be better.


Hello again everyone! I am posting a bit of an update to my original posting of my profile.

First, I would like to thank all of you who visit my gallery and take the time to (which I know is so precious) to critique my photos. I am blessed and feel honored.

I would like to put those people at ease who have beautiful compositions but don't seem to get the viewing or the critiques that others on this website receive and have large amount of "points" even though the photo is really not all that special.

It is amazing how ordinary photos receive large amounts of points and really are not all that well composed or special. I will tell you that some people who post on here are very good at "getting the votes" and are good at their own Public Relations.

Not all of us feel the need or have the time to respond to every critique and most of us do not have the time to post photos as often as we would like, let alone schmooze other folks on here into viewing our photos all the time and get them to give us full points for a photo that is questionable. I personally try to respond to critiques and to thank everyone...but I usually do that with a personal email. So if you see that my critiques don't have responses from me, it is because I choose to contact people personally.

I ask that all the new folks who are posting that you not put too much into the point system.

Please post what you love and what is in your heart and do not let the point system get you down and discourage you.

Not all the folks on here get the points they deserve....if you want points then just get good at public relations and just forget about becoming a great photographer. You have to make a choice....getting people to like you....or love your photographs....These websites I feel are for learning more about our craft and the world around us....and making true friends!

If you want to be a great photographer....then follow those people on here that post photos that move you and learn from them....Points are only good for your ego...not necessarily a guage to how well you are doing!

Take care and Dream!

Bettina Marie =0)
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