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The welder...

The truth...

No bullcrap

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Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Date Taken: 2007-09
Theme(s): Bwiti la veut !, Working people [view contributor(s)]
Original date submitted: 2007-10-31 5:40
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Originally posted critiques:

delnaja (5210)
[2007-10-31 5:46]

The strong dark, the strong b&w attracted my eyes... great compo and point of view. Excellent details also.

bwiti (2526)
[2007-10-31 5:47]

Superbe ! Absolument superbe ! Il y a du mystčre dans celle-ci... que fait cet homme ? qui est-il ? J'aime que ces questions restent en suspend... C'est une photo qui te ressemble car ne pigeant presque rien ŕ l'anglais tu restes pour moi un merveilleux mystčre... A plus....

Gierlinski (691)
[2007-10-31 6:07]

Witaj Jurek,
Bardzo ciekawe podejście do tematu. Podoba mi się to, że nie jest to zdjęcie z gatunku oczywistych, trzeba dojrzeć o co tu chodzi i odnaleźć motyw przewodni.
I to mi się najbardziej podoba.
Brak iskier od spawania wydłuża te chwilę, w której dochodzi się do wniosku, ze to właśnie spawacz. Potem czytam opis i już wszystko jasne.
Mężczyznaw pracy - symbol
Z pozdrowieniami,

andante (5664)
[2007-10-31 6:42]

Ah! inspiration for future series: men at work. I'm sure that the print version most be more dramatic. Cheers, my friend,

bombilla (1732)
[2007-10-31 8:36]

Blinded by the light . . . the demiurge glimpses the sun for a moment and it is too much. Back to the darkness, soot and ash. The lair of real creatures, the domain of flesh and blood.

Social realism from the Polish exile? Or just a primal love of dirt and sweat?

Well, what's the difference. Just listen to the buzz of the contacts, and smell the burning solder in the air.

Hasta la fuego, George.

faubry (21045)
[2007-10-31 10:00]

impressionist photo.... strong dark, strange in hearth.... superb really,
soon francine

Paul65 (578)
[2007-10-31 11:13]

Witaj Jurku!
Imponujące zdjęcie, naprawdę długo należy na niego patrzeć, a im dłużej na niego patrzymy tym ciekawsze się on robi.
Bardzo tajemnicza praca, gdyby nie B&W zdjęcie mogło by być nieciekawą szaroburą plamą.
Pozdrawiam Paweł.

lestans (8740)
[2007-10-31 11:46]

You are too strong!
Such a picture goes deep into my heart

Thank you dear!


bostankorkulugu (14197)
[2007-10-31 16:38]

this is one of those shots that distinguish a real master from the others...

A master...

The truth...

No bullshiit...


designsoul (20948)
[2007-10-31 17:15]

I love the note. Sorry to start with that, George, but it is such a Grabarczykesque (or should I say Bukowskiesque) statement? Indeed. No bullsh8t. I feel with that statement. What there is, is the hard work, the reality of this man. The fire, the metal. Superb work, no bulls9t. Just grit, grit, sweat, fire, and working hands.
That is its mystery, Master George.

melmcree (1732)
[2007-10-31 17:27]

Hello George,

You picked the perfect colors to present a welder that's for sure. I've done a bit of welding in the past and I can tell you they are just as much of an artist as a photographer.

Happy Halloween,


oochappan (31342)
[2007-10-31 18:36]

Who said that portraits are out ? Inspirational on the edge of light, well done George. I wonder if this can be done in colors too(Sin city), not that evident.

PJE (16932)
[2007-10-31 18:49]

Ahh working with melted steel to bond two pieces of metal together so the end result is a stronger bond than the steel itself. Been there and done it for a number of years. The cap is on backwards to avoid hot burning flux from dropping down his back. That shirt is designated for this task alone. I am sure he keeps it at work in his locker and I know exactly what it smells like.
I recall once working in a copper mine where I was to weld some metal together standing on a step ladder 12 feet off the muddy wet floor where every time I put a welding rod into the stinger I got a shock, so the welding gloves were put on backwards to prevent the surprise. Before me is a leak in a pipe with water sludge dropping to the floor. I was to weld the leak together with the copper sludge falling in front of me.
Then while welding overhead in the hot summer heat I could only wear one layer of clothing which was my welding coveralls. All of a sudden a molten ball of hot metal dropped inside my chest and pursued a private area below my belt while I was trying to avoid falling off the ladder!!!!

People ask me today if welding is fun. Oh it sure is...and I have lots of stories like that to prove it! Nice one George!

cam (7408)
[2007-10-31 20:07]

Well Georges, I know that we both went to Peru, but I wondered why YOU went, as we have not seen the same thing, and you were not the usual tourist there. Should I be surprised, no, your notes should have given me ample warning.
As I went up in the mountains, you went underground....You are a long way from Lima!
You said it, the truth....
A welder, nothing else, the pure truth.
Just hope thisguy is not the nervous kind, when someone creeps on him from the back.

Happy Halloween Georges.

vmpdre (965)
[2007-10-31 20:42]

Hi George,
Amazing photo, very strong... What I really enjoy here are multiple things: your presentation is simple but down to the facts, your closeness to the subject is so hyperbolic that we can almost hear his heart beat, your light treatment is perfect to understand the context while participating of the intimacy of the moment.
I really admire your capacity to get so close to people. Only someone that combines curiosity and passion for life can get this type of raw images.
Hats off!!!

AyseGurel (269)
[2007-11-01 3:18]

Hello Mr.Grabarczyk,

this time "no impressive face" directly as we used to see..but this time "something" more deep...
no need more words..

Best Regards

Furachan (14220)
[2007-11-01 4:16]

Yes, a strong picture, no question. Powerful, primordial, all that.
With your deliberately short, curt, minimalist note and the force of your framing here I can't help feeling, George-san, that you are trying to "porve" something here. Look, I have eyes, i can read exchanges as well as the next man (hell, I WRITE some of this nonsense myself!).
I want to say to you: there is room for all of us here. We contribute visually in different ways - it is nt, absolutely NOT about who is "better", cause Sohrab can wipe the floor with all of us, buddy, you KNW that's true. And when he's done, we'll have to deal with Nygus, LOL!
But the rest of us who genuinely approach photography with passion, well, there is room for us, and we should take that as a starting point.
Damn fine picture, Polish George! God stuff indeed.
Francis, island boy ;o)

eleparc (23445)
[2007-11-05 1:19]

This is indeed a very dramatic photo, very realistic in its post processing.. something in the vein of Sorhab, who likes the dark contrasts... As you said in your note: No that's no bullshit!

pasternak (7584)
[2007-11-07 5:47]

An art made out of the harsh reality... an ordinary welder looks like Hephaestus, never mind the shirt...


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