Photographer's Note

Among all of those celebrities residing or visiting or working in Rome…
Among endless list of those who we all know so well and love so deeply and adore the gossips about them…
Among those big shots we pray about, we pray to, we hate about, we count on…
I have decided to post THIS guy!

The Parking Attendant.
The most important working man in the city of stars.

Let's assume: You guys are going out to meet some 'big shots'… S. Loren, F. Fellini, M. Scorsese, J.P the 2nd. or, Niro and M. Mastroianni… And, there is only one problem burning a hole in your brains: Where the hell I'm going to park my car? And inevitably - one man comes to your head.
The Parking Attendant !!!
Do I know any parking attendant out there ?
Honey..! Do we know any parking attendant?
Now, you know in who's hands your future career, your success, your fate - really is!
There... Instead of bore you folks to death, with yet another dumb fotka of Princess Stephanie or half-naked Gina Lollobrigida - I have posted THIS man.
And, you've got to agree with me upon one thing - it was a very smart choice.

Humble me.

Photo Information
Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Date Taken: 1981-11
Theme(s): Rome's Different Faces, Working people [view contributor(s)]
Original date submitted: : 2006-09-06 21:42
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Originally posted critiques:

vapours (7233)
[2006-09-06 22:03]

Hey George, nice shot here, I like the fact that the man is surrounded by parked cars otherwise the shot would have lost its effectiveness at telling a story.

The image appears to be slightly on the dark side though.

rl245267 (760)
[2006-09-06 22:45]

Nice Shot. I like the dark colors surrounding the man. Also, Excellent narative.

Well done.


PJE (17822)
[2006-09-06 22:55]

Well George I think you did well in giving credit to the Parking Attendent. Where will he park your car? With all the vehicles out of focus and him standing out in sharp contrast..and staring at you too.. I love it!! Excellent work!

PeterC (2232)
[2006-09-07 0:29]

Long time no speak. Another gem from your collection. Love the note too. Surrounded by his cars and looking dead at the camera. Ver well framed and love his honest straight foward stance. Your right parking is a big thing in almost every city!

bantonbuju (40393)
[2006-09-07 1:07]

parking attendant? i didnt even realize this type of job existed, dude! well,thi is an introduction, not only is he the first ITALIAN parking attendant i ever met, but he is SO proud (precisely as claire says);
but, hey, lets talk about him a bit more:
he wakes up in the morning with a smell of a freshly made coffe, his wife (no make up, yet, but for him she is his love, she'll be his love for ever, even with this hair she has) gently opens the dorr saying "weake up, giorgio (lets use our name, haha), its time!"
she brings his white, ironed shirt and his uniform, smooths it with right hand proudly "when you wash and dress up, breakfest is waiting";
at 6.30 he takes his bicycle and leaves for the parking lot he work at, he picks up his "corrierre ..." newspaper in the nearest store and hits the road...
day by day, full of dignity, conscious about his important job and the daily routine accomanying it...
this is what i saw when looking at the man;
tc, j.

drewniany (1032)
[2006-09-07 6:15]

Witaj. nawet w zwykłym wydawaoby sieburdelu miejskim wyłapujesz coś ciekawego, coś co potrafi ujać odbiorców. do tego tzrzeba mieć dar.jesteś w tym naprawdę dobry - i mówie to bez slodzenia.
Dobry kadr, lubie taką GO na fotach, ekstra POV - podoba się bardzo

Elaine_Blath (7624)
[2006-09-07 7:21]

Hi George,

a superb capture! very well done, I love this...superb!

Take care, Ivana

rbcy1974 (19451)
[2006-09-07 7:28]

Hello Geroge,
Very cool the way you have blurred the cars in the front leading to the man,
a photo very reperesentative of ROman reality as their metro system is really bad, thus leaving little choice to some but to take their cars with them.
Well done

prantik (1122)
[2006-09-07 9:39]

How do we know that it's not a shooting by Fellini and that's not Mastroianni in the role of a traffic atendant? We have to be cautious with you George, you play with us too much :)
Jokes aside, it's a wonderful shot of a humble yet proud and content man (that's how he looks like) looking straight at the smart and humble photographer.


nwoehnl (59690)
[2006-09-07 14:00]

Thanks for unearthing this "oldie", G. (I was 14, almost 15, back then). Great use of focusing to single out the parking attendant amongst the maze of vehicles, I love how he makes his appearance behind the blurry foreground. Witty and well-observed, I like it.

tcht (6908)
[2006-09-07 14:20]

Hello George
Very good portrait. This compo is perfect and acts as a nice 'background' even though he's at the back. The little patch of lighting on his left face adds an extra touch to this. Very well done. Good documentary of the 1980s.

Fis2 (27266)
[2006-09-07 14:44]

Facet wygląda na zainteresowanego Twoimi poczynaniami. Ładnie go ustrzeliłeś. Dobry kadr i ciekawa GO.

euryan (6465)
[2006-09-07 16:04]

What a great portrait of a man and his work. I like how he his standing proud right in the middle of all the cars. Your note was very humorous as usual. Thanks.

lucski (2004)
[2006-09-07 18:19]

Jureczku kochany
no tyle co mialem Ci do zaoferowania to Ci juz inni zdazyli co przede mna... ale tak sie zastanawiam bo Stasiu Tym kreci druga czesc misia a koles mi jak najbardziej kojarzy sie z Bareja masz do niego numer?( do tego w czapce, nie do Stasia), no chyba, ze Cie nie zlapal (bo z oczu mu jakos uwodzicielsko nie patrzy)i nie wylgales sie piwkiem w barze, to inna historia... oki stary... zart fota przednia i jak inne Twoje od razu nasuwaja mi sie tysiace opowiesci zdrowko i do milego

andante (6287)
[2006-09-07 23:09]

Yes, indeed... not only in Rome, but in New York he would be the man to talk to for peace of mind. And judging by the way he is standing, he knows that!


Graal (35772)
[2006-09-08 3:01]

tak dumnie spogląda jakby był ważną figurą. Sporo już Ci napisano. Mnie się podoba również.
Pozdr. Al.

jinju (23597)
[2006-09-08 3:23]

Hi George,

the man is a very noble creature, though in the social scheme what is he really but a lowly parking attendant? Still, with a nice uniform, he shows a lot of dignity, and yes, pride. Its like the clothes we wear transform us. I know that when i put on a suit, I feel much more powerful than when Im wearing jeans and a tshirt. People look at me differently, I carry myself differently. But its just clothes. Well its just a uniform but hey, the man looks proud of his job. Cool shot man, the forgeound blur is so strong here, the light is so good on his face.

PixelTerror (62663)
[2006-09-08 4:06]

Hi George,
I was about to write "it's nice to see that in Italy some of these small jobs disappeared long ago in France have survived" and then I saw the date taken which of course ruins a bit my sentence ;-)
Then this photo becomes a contribution to history of the XXth century and it's nice how the tele OOF foreground helps the parking attendant stand out, Very nice scan considering the age, I never managed to get my oldies scanned correctly.
Have a nice day,

don_narayan (2014)
[2006-09-08 16:16]

George, it's another fine find from your archives... I like the out of focus tops of the cars, I think it really adds to this shot, surrounding the man completely by cars. Nice one.


ben4321 (9000)
[2006-09-09 6:27]

You really are a genius with the camera, George. This is fantastic.
A great use of the blurred car rows to fill the foreground, and I like how the telephoto lens has compressed the perspective so that the parking attendant seems totally surrounded and almost overwhelmed by the cars around him.
His pained expression also suggests that he's not having the best of days.
Excellent work.

plimrn (13877)
[2006-09-10 1:42]

Hi George,
As all of your critiques say; this IS a really good portrait. the note is really funny too. That guy looks a lot like a younger version of you, proud but humble of course. Now how did you support yourself those 9 months you were in Rome? I think you worked in a shipyard in Poland but in Rome??
Regards, Pat

kensimage (6551)
[2006-09-10 15:56]

A powerful man, at times, in the big city, that's for sure! I like how you have framed him with the very cars he works with, George. He has the definite look of a man who is dignified though not (in traditional terms) of high status. Thanks again for once again bringing us the "regular folks" of the city. Regards, Ken.

prezntime (3819)
[2006-09-12 7:03]

Hello George.
You have given a very fine treatment to this noble worker. It is very true that lose who do not command the same attention of the flashy masses contain the most power. It has been the quest of many to tap into the humble but noble ideal over the centuries. You have captured the unselfish pride quite well. The POV is excellent and I like the long line of blurred hoods leading to the face rising above.
:) tomorrow.

Homerhomer (3983)
[2006-09-12 13:37]

nope, I think this is Roman Polanski hiding in Rome.

banyanman (7070)
[2006-09-13 16:04]

I love the proud look that you have captured on this man's face, George. You have composed this superbly and I like the effect you have created by the shallow DOF. A very entertaining note too (but not as entertaining as your exchanges with Claire!). Cheers . . . David

starbug (6924)
[2006-09-15 7:54]

Ja bym najchetniej zawsze sie zdawala na tego waznego czlowieka. nie tylko w Rzymie.
Silnie wbija sie w mozg ten kontrast miedzy zamazanym dolem a wyrazna gora. pan parkingowy wylania sie zza rozmytych samochodow jak wybawiciel, twardo stapajacy po ziemi, ktory wybawi cie z wszelkich klopotow, zbawi cie niemal, tak jak piszesz.powazny wyraz twarzy, gotowy do przyjecia zadania. a moze pozujacy do portretu pracownika miesiaca.jakkoilwiek by na to nie patrzec jego postac, dzieki tobie Jerzy bedzie zapamietana przez wielu.

pasternak (10408)
[2006-09-15 8:43]

Hi George, missed this one somehow, what a portrait! How much pride has this small man coming from the world that is gone forever. Is the word "pride" also gone from the world?... Or is it now limited to the football only?...


AmiBe (19331)
[2006-09-27 4:57]

Hi George,
this is an excellent portrait, really nice how you blurred the FG.
He looks very proud of his job.
Very good street scene, well done

barrufeto_77 (17069)
[2006-09-29 5:47]

Hi George.

An excellent composition with the man looking at you in the middle of the cars.

My compliments!

Rgs, Oscar

Andrzej_HHH (2424)
[2006-10-31 14:36]

Super pomysł na ujęcie, bardzo oryginalna kompozycja i kadr. Dobry tytuł. Świetna robota. Pozdrowienia! Andrzej

fjufju (312)
[2006-11-03 2:26]

To jest piekny portet. Nie wiem czy zawołałes Pana Parkingowego żeby przyciągnąć jego uwagę, czy po prostu wyczekałes odpowiedni moment, ale jego poza jest dla mnie niezwykła. Całe szaro-bure zdjecie i jego klimat pasuje mi idealnie do filmu dokumetalnego o porwaniu Aldo Moro, który kiedyś widziałem... no i ze zdiwiniem spojrzałem na date zdjecia, a tu... 1982! dobre... bardzo dobre.

sadeik (3111)
[2006-12-23 14:16]

He has that look of
'what the hell does he want a photo of me for'
then he thinks
'bugger I didn't disclose this second job to the tax man, shit!'

Now just think how much anxiety you put this man under, the poor parking attendant. How cruel can you be turning the world on its head.
Exquiste shot out of the ordinary and a brilliant note to boot


Gierlinski (809)
[2007-02-18 15:49]

Fantastyczne ujecie. Podoba mi sie taki centralny kadr, poteguje efekt spojrzenia "prosto w oczy". Duze ziarno swietnie tutaj wspolgra.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie,

bebep (1933)
[2007-02-26 11:29]


you have said really correct, in Italy to make himself wide in the life to have the correct knowledge it's necessary, the man of the parking is one of these essential figures.
The photo: superb DOF, neatness on the subject very good and also the expression of the face of the "most important man"

Kind regards


xuaxo (3163)
[2007-06-12 7:16]

I've read some previous critiques and discussions. There is talk about the man seems proud of his job and so on. Certainly true. But first of all, what I see here is that he is just doing part of his job: taking care of the parking lot and, now, investigating what is someone doing behind the cars with a camera in his hands.
Great picture, Jorge.

horatiuTT (2434)
[2008-03-10 5:25]

Striking series from Rome, this is one of my favorites. Incredible !
Focus and tones, it could be a scene from a movie of 80s.
Superb work, the face is also inspiring.

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