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The Storm (thunderstorm) is a meteorological phenomenon, accompanied by lightning, lightning, sometimes hail and always with heavy rain and strong winds. Storm said all violent atmospheric disturbances (hence weather) accompanied by electric shocks.
To create a storm must be fulfilled certain conditions are precisely those of the unstable and wet weather. The most important of these is to place a large temperature difference between the ground and in the upper atmosphere that is tall temperature should be reduced very gradually at a rate of at least 0.6 degrees Kelvin per 100 meters. So the mass of heated gases is thus raised as it is warmer and therefore lighter than the surrounding air. This continues to rise into the atmosphere. Another equally important factor in creating a storm there is increased moisture in the lower atmosphere near the ground. And to begin to climb the wet and hot gas mass needs a "push" upwards. This may be pushing solar energy or a hill.
Creation process
Once all necessary preconditions have been fulfilled, the gas mass existing in that water vapor begins to be lifted. When you reach a certain height, dew point, then cooled. The altitude at which it will reach the dew point, and thus concentrate depends on the relative humidity. This creates a vertical development of clouds called Cumulus cloud (Cumulus). If the anode current continues to have the clouds grow and swell dramatically, when the upper part of the cloud has reached a height that starts and freezes, then talk about Cumulonimbus cloud (Cumulonimbus). Usually the level of these icing clouds is around 10 kilometers from the surface in some cases up to 12 miles. In tropical regions, reaching a height of even 18 km.
In fact ydrostagones the clouds were literally snap up-round-up of very strong upward currents prevailing in these clouds. The drops are increasing in size while but not indefinitely. When they get a certain size (diameter 5-6 mm) because of the resistance of air are broken up into smaller ones. When cleavage released electrical loads positively and negatively, but distributed separately in different parts of the cloud between the base and summit. When the potential between positive and negative loads increased considerably evacuation occurs in the form of electric sparks. The evacuation may take place between the cloud and the earth or between two clouds or between different parts of the cloud itself.
Feather called the glow of this electric discharge.
Thunder called the Click to accompany this evacuation.
Lightning or thunderbolt (in folk expression) called the evacuation occurring between cloud and earth surface (on land or at sea). IF kataigidoforo the cloud is too far, perhaps the thunder is not heard.
Electrical storms
From observations it has been known that storms accompanied by "astrapovronta and lightning" as dimodos characterizes the Greek nation as electrical storms, associated with the presence Cumulonimbus cloud characterized by their crystalline peaks and the strong upward currents occurring in them. The clouds are therefore in the higher parts have positive electrical charges and negative charges at lower except for a thin layer near the base that is positively charged. This distribution of the load in the lower parts of the cloud charges "induced" positive territory located just below the cloud. Although a little below the cloud around the Earth's surface bears a negative charge.
Thus, the first electric discharge occurs in the first 10 to 20 minutes from the moment you first identify vrochostagones the radar.
The origin and distribution of electric charge within kataigidofora clouds caused by incessant debates at the time the American Benjamin Franklin, incurs the same risks, first demonstrated in 1730 that 10 years of the lightning is really electric shock and not a burning fireball. So how ermnineftike diaspomenes the ydrostagones bear positive charge carrying down. On the other again fine spray is important removable from the surfaces of the negative ydrostagonon carry the load upward. But again this theory does not explain the much higher standard of positively charged roof and negatively charged bases. Probably, but the issue has to do with the freezing of the peaks of these clouds.
Also an important step in this could be described when ypertiktes ydrostagones freeze. So freezing nuclei and negatively charged while the tiny splinters seconded by ice crystals and move up positively charged.
However, Lamps and other phenomena such as occurring within the clouds kataigidofora not fully known to date.Καταιγίδα

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