To Manamo: Vestrahorn

  • Thanks Marc,

    Much appreciate your comments. Be sure to visit this place, although it's over 1100km return trip it is well worth it. I just posted another picture.

    A few tips: You can rent a car from sadcars, look them up on google, only 99euros for 5 days with an old but decent Toyota Yaris and the Smyrlabjorg Hotel near Jokulsarlon is the best one I've stayed anywhere. Perfect place, great food, wonderful people.

    Best wishes

  • Hey I just came back! I had an absolute blast going around Iceland for 16 days! I went to this place. I haven't had the time to check my pics yet but the winds were well over 80 km/h and it was rainy so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have loads of droplets on every single frame. we'll see.
    Thanks for your help!