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Great tyro 2012-02-17 2:06

Ciao Lisa,

Your new toy seems to be working wonderfully well but any machine is only as good as the engine driver! And, as always, you've got the most out of your machine by using your innate skills to the utmost.

The beautiful appearance of the water here is really the star of the show, softened wonderfully by the long shutter opening and subtly reflecting the blue of the sky.

Lovely details and sharpness in the dark rocks and headland too - it looks like you're getting more details in the shadows with this camera - do you think so too? I think you've made a new friend and colleague here with your new toy.


Kind Regards,


P.S. Have you bought yourself one of these? Very good, very cheap (about £15 here) and saves the hassle of having to plug in a corded remote release.

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Thumbs up To tyro: Thanks Giovanni

Thanks Giovanni

For your kind words.

I certainly had a lot of fun. It really is an amazing machine. There are very few cons and many, many pros.

As you said, the files are massive , but wow the resolution and colours are impressive. The MkII isn't compatible with Photoshop CS3, only CS5. And I need to invest in new batteries because they're different to the 5D. But these are just small things.

I'm sure I'll notice more pros as I go along, but one thing that's instantly obvious is the weight. It's so much lighter than the 5D. The auto sensor cleaning is another thing the 5D never had, although funnily enough the 60D did. And yes, the shadows and highlights seem better defined. I can't wait to use it some more.

But the guilt is nearly killing me, which is very unusual for a lawyer

Thanks again, have a lovely day
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Old 02-17-2012, 11:56 AM
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Default You're in love again...........!

Ciao Lisa,

Lovely to hear that you are not in the slightest disappointed with your new toy! And what the hell, you work hard enough and you deserve it, so don't have feelings of guilt. A few Hail Marys, a cold shower and a bit of self flagellation with birch twigs will soon rid you of those feelings.

I must say that I find the new camera pretty heavy but that's because I usually have the 24 - 70mm f/2.8 lens on it and that in itself weighs over 1 Kg. I sometimes wonder if I should have gone for the 24 - 105 f/4 IS which you have - I thought long and hard about it but eventually plumped for the one I got - perhaps that was a mistake? The IS might well have been useful too. But actually, the camera body itself is no heavier than the 20D.

And, oh, I never realised that you had a 60D too?

Do you ever use Canon's own DPP (Digital Photo Professional) for converting your RAW images? A lot of people rave about it. I've used it a bit but I find it a bit "clunky" and not that easy to use. I have used it on one or two occasions, later editing the pictures in Photoshop but I'm not really that impressed.

The little RC-6 infra-red remote is quite a nifty thing - works just like the thing on your car key though its range isn't very great.

Un abbraccio,


P.S. Just a wee bit depressed today. The final determination from that FAI came out yesterday. In the press too. Never mind, today's newspapers are tomorrow's toilet paper.
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Smile Toilet Paper

Caro Giovanni

I was wondering how that was all going and wanted to ask but didn't want to pry. It's a sickening feeling alright and I feel so bad for you. But please take your own advice: people have very short memories and it will all pass. What annoys me most about situations like this is that huge decisions that affect your life always seem to be made by anaemic disapproving bureaucrats who neither appreciate nor care about the very important and wonderful work that you've done. They just want to see the bad things, never the good.

But the biggest problem is that it's ourselves that don't have the short memories and we're our own worst enemy. So you take that lovely camera of yours, get amongst some wild, wild Scottish nature and forget about it all.

I think some days that if it wasn't for photography, I'd have been up in a bell tower years ago As LP says, "Don't let the turkeys get you down".

Un abbraccio forte forte

PS: Thanks for the camera info, as always you're an amazing font - of info. Funny, I was just thinking I'd made a mistake with the 24-105 and should've bought the 24-70mm. My lens is still heavy but the difference in weight between the 5D and the Mk II is really noticeable.

PPS: Oh, I've never owned a 60D, only a 30D which I still cherish. When I was in Rome in 2010, Giorgio Clementi and I swapped cameras for a while. He had a 60D. I couldn't and still can't make it work like he does though.

PPPS: Thanks for the pep talk on the Mk II guilt To assuage it I'll be selling the 5D...eventually.

Buona sera caro
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