To clodreno: Vertigo

  • I don't think somehow this is the job for you these days...........!

    How is the exhibition coming along!? I'm having two or three very lazy days - it's rare so I am enjoying it so much!

    bw Kev
  • Re: To clodreno: Vertigo
    I started to slelect some images..
    By which date do you need a first selection? i could send you what i did next week, small images like the one on TE..
    what do you think?
    I would love to do everything before leaving for Italy on May te 26th.
    Enjoy your free time with your family,
  • Re: To clodreno: Vertigo
    Next week is good - apart from Thursday I'm working at home so I will have plenty of time to look at download and look at them etc. Thanks - I'm enjoying the break!