To ktanska: about this BR 52

  • about this Baureihe 52 it s a former krieglok built in 1942
    for the war needs (it sn t his best use of course) after war many of them stayed in use in DB (germany) DR(east germany)OBB (ostereich) and many other warsovie pacte lands and also Belgium and France like war damages compensation ...this 52 467 would coming for poland i think
    and is using by CF3V (chemin de fer des trois vallčes) a very glamour historical railway of belgian oltimer of the viroin valley in west south Belgium not far from the french town of Givet the line have only 14 km between treignes-Mariembourg a closed line former used by SNCB (the national railway provider)
    there are others " steam rail enthousiasts in wallonia(the south part french speaking of Belgium
    like the line Pernode-Ciney which used steam loco one of the big day is 15 august maybe i see you...
    others trains pictures are showed on my site now i am going at looked your nice site also many thanks friendly bests regards Henri (SERAING SOUTH EAST BELGIUM°) on facebook present