To eversmile: LP and the distance

  • ...Thanks a lot for your critique and your nice words Marine. provides a lot of encouragement for me!

    I am surprised why you're not able to see the you use the old beta version of TE (like I normally do) which case you may not be able to open the LV

    I presume you are asking about the distance between the fort & the small hill from where I took this photograph. Well, if I remember correct the distance between me and the fort would be about 500 to 700 meters, certainly less than a Km!

  • Re: To eversmile: LP and the distance
    Thanks Angshu, for you answer....and finally today, yes, I can see the Large Version. Probably it was a problem of browser. I was not on my computer yesterday. Who knows? Anyway, the view is killing. Makes me think a bit to Hampi, its majestic and peaceful scenery with boulders.I am sure I would like it (I enjoyed a lot a lonely walk in Hampi up to the hill where they honour Hanuman). Impressive situation here, also. I'll keep it in mind.
    Have a nice day.