to buy or not to buy

  • can you help me decide if it is ok to buy canon 350d made in japan for 700 US dollars. i really dont have an idea about the pricing of cameras hope someone can help me!! thanks!!
    by the way does anyone knows how much 350d is?
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    it seems overpriced, in Switzerland its succcessor the 400D sells for equivalent of US$650
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    Though I saw it for 800€ at a very expensive shop last week, it's 500€ in Pixmania in Spain. Anyway, cameras and objectives are cheaper in the USA, so that's a high price...
    Searching the web, you can get it for about 400$ at Anyway, maybe you can get a good price for a 400d now that a new model is going to be released, and the 400d is supposed to be better than the 350D.
    Good luck!
  • I mean....
    When I said "objectives" I meant "lenses" :-) I was thinking is Spanish!
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    thanks for the replies, i really appreciate it.
    maybe i should look for other models or a cheaper 350d!