To dragonslayero: Godt Nytår

  • Hi Odd Jarle.

    Thanks for your serious and inspiring comments. I do agree with you about most written. The Uchi Mata is the only picture, which shows the real power of judo - as you might know - an olympic discipline. It gives your body SO MUCH, that people, who are not into martial art of any kind will never know.
    I see you are doing Kobudo. I guess you know what I mean.
    I certainly do have many interests such as photography (!!!),music (played rockguitar with my band for years), but judo is where I clean my mind! When you get older here, you loose a little strength here, but you can still learn, and you are getting clever...!

    Godt Nytår i norge. Håber I har sne - vi har desværre intet.