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Good haijekov 2006-08-14 4:48

i agree with kev here ... u needed sharper focus on your subjects ... maybe a larger DOF ... but still a great idea for a shot ... i don't mind the horizon too i think it's fine :)

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Default To haijekov: DOF?

I am new here... I don't exactly know what is DOF... can you explain me?
Thanks for your opinion and suggestions
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Default Re: To haijekov: DOF?

Hi Robert,
DOF : Depth of field ...
in simple terms, depth of field in how much in the back and forground is clear before or after the subject you focused on ... photos with big depth of field will have the backgorund really clear behind your subject of focus ... photos with shallow depth of field will have the background be a totally a blur inwhich you can't really say what's there.
Other photos such as yours here have a nice depth of field which is not that deep but not shallow either ... so u can see the mountains and know that they are mountains but they still are a bit blurry ... giving an effect that i like about the picture.
u usually control the depth of field by the apperature size (the f number) the biggest the number the greater dpeth of field u have ... the smaller number the shallower the depth of field.
for example: check the picture in my photos that i titled melt ... i focused on the water right under me and used a really big apperature (small f number i think was f3.5) so everything behind that plane of focus is blurry. that is shallow depth of field. another example of shallow depth of field in the pic i titled "star in the house of god" i focused on the star with a big spperature (small f number) so all the lamps behind it appeared to be blurry big dots.
examples of big depth of field are pictures like the one i labelled "sultan hassan's passageway" or "the road to light" you'll find everything in the background showing with some clarity.
i hope that was useful :)
stay in touch and hope to see some great pictures from you soon.
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