To plimrn: Thanks Patricia

  • For both your visits. My trip is going fine although with lots of work.

    About details and sharpnes...

    I feel there are two things, the first one being the lenses.

    If I know they are not as sharp -wide open- as the good ones (which are too expensive), I try setting the f/stop around the 'sweet spot' (usually f/8, for most lenses).

    Then, there is the way in which you apply USM. I set the in camera parameters to 'neutral' and apply USM viewing the image at 100%. Generally I use (in Photoshop) a somehow light setting (150; 0.2; 0) which I repeat until the small details are visible, but without sharpening artifacts.

    I started trying this after doing some experimenting and feel that is what gives me best results.

    Best regards, saludos!
  • Re: To plimrn: Thanks Patricia
    Thank you, I've added your excellent note to my TE tips file.