To macjake: Change of mind

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for confirming my sanity, I had doubted whether or not I had actually seen that picture...the mind can play tricks!?

    Funny how we can often be our own worst critics. So many times I've had people tell me they've enjoyed one of my pictures that I really didn't care for, and they couldn't understand why I was picking it apart...this whole thing really is subjective, yeah?

    I haven't tried Serendipity in Vegas, I believe that's down on The Strip if I'm not mistaken...not too often I make it down there anymore. Any time I head to Vegas these days I spend all of my time just hanging out at my friends house's playing cards, swimming and eating!

    Always appreciate your insight and thoughtful comments, thanks for taking the time to write!

    Hope you're having a good weekend. Take it easy.