issues with the site

  • is anyone else having technical problems with this website?
    it is incredibly jittery, almost every time i try to navigate from one section to another i get a prompt that says the page is unavailable. this has been going on for days now. i am not experiencing it with any other websites.

    any advice?

    kristin's camera
  • No problem
    Hello Kristin,

    I didn't notice any problem with the site.
    Maybe it is a cache browser problem.
    So, you may try to clear your browser cache (also known as "temporary files"). You can do it in your browser's options menu.

  • Thank you, Stéphane,

    I will try that. It's good to hear (I think) that this is only happening to me, and that it's not a site problem

  • I have this issue from time to time. Can't say what causes it, or how to fix it.
    Austin, Texas