To NgocSon: Hi

  • Thank you Mr. Son,
    Iwas nice to receive your valuabale comment !
    I found your photo interesting too !
    Iam using sofftware name photostudi 5.5 Arc Soft camera suite
    this software come along with the canon G6 that I bought 03 month ago.
    Le Bich
    longpt, jundat are very good at Hanoi photograph, they are my friends too.
  • Photostudi 5.5 Arc Soft Camera Suite
    Photostudi 5.5 Arc Soft Camera Suite?

    I am going to look for it. Thanks.

    (Regarding photographic buddy, I don't have any. I am a novice in photography, just completed a "darkroom" course at Houston College, but I knew my path is just begun. It's a long way to go, while everyone here are professionals. That's why I am here to learn. I wish I have a photographer to call as friend. Mr. Thanh is not my friend. I am considering myself about his child's age. And I call him Chú Thanh).


  • Re: Photostudi 5.5 Arc Soft Camera Suite
    Thank for your reply !
    I was great the we know each other by means of the pasion of photography, I think one we all love photography we can be friend (regardless the age).
    I just got a good relationship with an American photographers he is now 60 year old. I was born in 1972.
    It was nice to communicate with you ! please share you experience with me too !
    Le Bich