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Great NgocSon 2005-07-29 18:53

The down-size of TE is its limit of size. It's a shame that the talent photographers who created panoramic photos to suffer. Chķ Thŗnh told me that this is the main reason for his friend HTN to consider if his time and effort to share are wasted.
I think with this wonderful picture, you are in the same boat as Chķ N.

I followed up your steps of improvements and Chķ Thŗnh and I often discussed your speed of success in photo technique. We share the same respect toward your learning. You are not yet at the utmost point but we won't be surprised at time once you arrive.

Congratulations, anh Phuoc!


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Default To NgocSon: thanks

thanks for you kind word, you don't know how much that mean to me. I think the biggest improvement I made was purchasing a camera, the rest is using it.
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Default No kidding me?

"I think the biggest improvement I made was purchasing a camera"


Chu Thanh and I burned laughing the other day when we took breaktime at work, and I mentioned your intro, saying that you "love camera and love to own different kind of cameras rather than 1 expensive system."

We both exclaimed "Sh..!": you took good pictures in a short period from poor pictures (in VB). You improved so quickly. You could not improve without recognition and admission of your own failures. That the most difficult part. You passed!

We are trying to steal the secret of detecting our own failures from you. We are spying you and monitoring you. Watch out!


Back to the purchase of camera, don't try to cover up your secret. Had you joined a band of 30, you don't need to buy good equipment, to take valuable artwork. I am sure your prints from one-time-use camera still "reward" you about 50 points for each such an "artwork". I don't say this to ask you to let me in. It's a side effect: we saw you opened fire directly to the poor photos of your seniors. And we respect your frankness. (This even more to learn, anh Phuoc. Because it is morality, while I am an evil).


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Default Re: No kidding me?

there is no secret from me
recently, I met a retired LA Times Photographer while taking July 4 firework picture. He showed me couple techniques her learn from the Disneyland Photographer, but I guess those techniques doesnt work for digital. He also told me try really hard to talk crap about your shot. That one way to improve and also try critic really hard on other work also. From that, they'll learn and you will learn a lots more because it's really Embarrassing to make the same mistake that you just critic.
but anyway thanks so much Mr Evil :0)
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