To Royaldevon: BBC about Edinburgh

  • Hello Beverley,
    Thanks for your supporting critique this morning.
    If you recall this picture from Parliament Sq., it was taken under special circumstances : The BBC were shooting that night part/chapter on a documentary about Edinburgh - as I was "almost" not allowed to enter the square...
    Maybe now you saw this on TV.
    Wish you a nice Sunday,
  • Edinburgh
    Hello Ike, this scene could easily have been included in the programme but it was mostly about Edinburgh Castle and how it is the most besieged castle in Britain. It told about why it was built there, of people who had attacked it and for what reason, also people who had been imprisoned there!

    Do you get BBC programmes in Israel?

    My warm regards,
  • BBC in israel
    Hi Beverley,
    We used to have many BBC programs in Israel, along with best comedies from England.
    Lately they only show "East-Enders" and "Doctors", hope the documentaries will return.
    Good evening,