To COSTANTINO: Little report

  • My friend, Constantino! Yes, my wife and I are here in Greece, on the island of Rhodes.
    We arrived on June 16th and will be traveling home on September 16th. We also work here in the "Home Office," so, we've moved out rather than on vacation.
    For about 30 years, every year we spent a few weeks in Greece, (longer and longer), but so far, we have always been / lived only on islands. (Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Kalimnos, Corfu, Kos, Tilos, Simy, Nisiros)
    We have never been to the Greek mainland. (I don't even know why)
    We certainly canít walk towards you this year, maybe next year.
    Your invitation, (if I understood you correctly,) is very honorable and thank you. Of course, if we go, we take care of ourselves. (food, accommodation, transport)
    With friendship:
    Csaba and Nora