A Day of Sadness again...

  • Сегодня ночью Сергея не стало...

    This was the message on Serghei Pakhomoff’s FB page this morning...

    COVID was cruel for our friend who has fought several weeks against it.

    I know some of his old TE friends are still visiting the site from time to time and I thought they must know...

    Rest In Peace Serghei...
  • How very sad. Serghei had not been on TE for a long time, but I remember him as an often original photographer and a good and friendly critic. He passed away far too early. Quoting his introduction he was only "...years old".
    RIP, Serghei.
  • So sad...
    This is such sad news. I was just thinking about Serghei the other day. We met three times here in NYC, and he was such a friendly and kind person.

    My heart goes out to his family in Russia and here in NY. He is gone far too soon.

    RIP my friend...
  • Rest In Peace Dear Friend
    I was so saddened to read of this news on FB this morning. Many of us have known Serghei for more than a decade. His photography, his skill as an artist making those wonderful pasta sculptures and above all his humour will be so sadly missed. My condolences to Serghei's family, he was a lovely human being. He always liked Mark Twain's saying "Go to heaven for the climate, go to Hell for the company". Wherever you are, dear friend,

    And to my friends here on Trekearth, I apologise for making infrequent appearances. I miss those of you I don't see on Facebook and Instagram. Please, please take good care of yourselves during these difficult times.

    All my love
  • R.i.p.
    Hi Lisa

    Very sad news indeed.
  • I just can't believe that we will never meet again. I am devastated by this tragic news. I spent a few wonderful days with Serghei and Jason in Russia, also with Sergei and Craig in Warsaw. He was a talented artist, a man very kind and full of humour. Rest in piece dear friend.

  • sad
    Very sad news about the passing of Serghei.

  • So sad...
    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Serghei. I still have the decorative Moscow plate he sent when his wife and daughter came to meet me in Pittsburgh.
    May he rest in peace...
  • May he rest in peace that's really sad

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  • I'm also very sad and sorrowful about Serghei's passing. It's a wretched virus; I never feel completely safe.