To PaulVDV: Languages

  • Hi Paul, Thank you for your nice words.
    One thing is to learn something, e.g. languages, but quite another is to maintain this knowledge. In my Middle East trip in autumn I could read quite well (I mean decipher) in Farsi and in Arabic, but now I have all forgotten. So it is important to have constant contact with the language. Every day, I listen to the podcasts or vlogs in three or four of six foreign languages I learn and I observe quite a progress in listening comprehension. (Dutch is not included up to now but who knows?).

    I am happy that you and Gert found it interesting enough to try to read. It was my goal . As to o in Fiodorovich. O is written here big or small, it is not important. But what you hear as the first o is, in fact, a single letter yo, written by a letter e. In modern Russian it is e with two dots, that are usually omitted (Федор). In old Russian the letter e has something like apostrophe.
    Have a nice (?) day. In Warsaw, it is raining and lockdown.
  • Hi Malgo,

    I didn't know that in Russian alphabet the 'o' can sometimes be pronounced as 'yo',
    That reminds me that in Bulgaria the 'я' is pronounced as 'ya'.
    Before I went there I always wondered how an inverted 'r' could have been pronounced. The 'я' seemed so strange to me

    PS: You really have a love for foreign languages.

    All the best !
  • Hi, There are four such letters:
    е is pronounced ye,
    ё is pronounced yo,
    я is pronounced as ya,
    and ю is yu.
    On the other hand, e is written э.
    32 signs altogether.
    Bulgarian alphabet is the same,
    Ukrainian has two different letters: i and ї.
    Have a nice new week