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Great magalik 2010-12-29 14:11

tŻt tŻt tŻt !! You are apart from your district, turn over immediately on your planet !-another Martian spy -
Hi Biswaroop,
Imagining you in the space with a tripod makes me smile.
Astronomy seems to be very familiar for you and it's an interesting subject seldom approached on TE. I don't know how you succeeded to take this shot, it seems so realistic. I like this escape you propose us.
It's one of the mirror visible on the site you have indicated ? Incredible the effect you get. With your photograph, we feels light years away from the earth.
Well done.


Old 12-29-2010, 10:28 PM
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Default To magalik: Martian spies and the universe


You want to remove me from planet Earth! Jamais! I shall remain here, and inform the entire Martian delegation that there is a brilliant photographer named Magali who will cause the destruction of Mars...

Hahaha - merci tres bien pour your comment. It would indeed be funny if I could float around in a spacewalk with a tripod - just taking pictures of the universe. However, as long as I'm locked on the planet, I must do my best

Yes - the mirror is one of these round mirrors. Actually - I didn't have a tripod on this visit, so I was trying more and more innovative ways to mount the camera. So for this photo, I placed the camera upside down on the frame of the telescope, and without composing, pressed the shutter. Later, during postprocessing, I tried to make it look as good as possible, but when a friend thought I had taken the photo from outerspace (she actually thought I was secretly working at NASA), I got the idea that it's a very astronomical image!

Sadly, although not having a tripod gave me this photo, it also resulted in a bad incident. Literally minutes later, the camera dropped from a ledge, and knocked the lens out of alignment. So i'm stuck with a blurry lens for now. I'm definitely never EVER leaving my tripod at home.

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