To foxy: headgear and stools

  • Hello Loong!
    Thanks for your nice words.
    My place was on the right,close to the mangos and the riceschnaps, hehe...
    In whole Myanmar they have these low stools, at streetrestaurants and teashops.I`m not very tall but after sitting there it becomes a bit uncomfortable after a while.
    The headgear: still many women wear it every day even working on the fields, but they get less.I noticed big change in traditions.At my first visit,I think 2006 you could not see many women wearing blue jeans, now every young woman wants to have some.
    The country was isolated from the rest of the world for more than 50 years, except China. Now many people have a smartphone even the hilltribes when they have a connection
    Best regards,Ronny