To kasianowak: Dialects and accents

  • Thank you Kasia,

    I'm really surprised to read that there aren't different accents in the language in Poland.

    In Flanders we have many dialects and when people speak the Dutch standard language (normally in all contacts with someone that we don't know or don't know well) we still can hear at least which province they come from.

    In the far west and the far east of Flanders, the dialects are very difficult to understand for me (seen from west to east I'm living approximately in the middle of Flanders).

    Also in the Netherlands they have different dialects.
    The further north someone lives, the harder it is for me to understand.
    Of course when we speak standard Dutch, there should be no problem.
    I don't think anyone from Amsterdam can understand any Flemish dialect.

    Kind regards,