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Great divail 2009-01-22 18:30

Bonsoir Kuntal,
Très étonnantes, toutes ces branches figées dans la glace, avec ces petites baies rouges. Bonne photo, te fenêtre était bien propre.

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Default To Reout: did YOU know, by the way?

"Meanwhile, eyewitnesses have told the UN that about 30 Palestinians died earlier this week as Israeli forces shelled a house in Gaza City into which Israeli soldiers had previously moved about 100 people, half of them children."

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Old 01-10-2009, 04:25 PM
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Default Re: To Reout: did YOU know, by the way?

Hello Jerzy,

Of course I know. And it is truly a pity that civilians, especially children, have to be casualties. Believe me, no one wants it, but when you are at war, you cannot always have control on such things.

But if we already speak about Palestinians children, there are some violations, almost as deplorable, that are committed to such children, by no one other than their parents! Those children, the next generation, are raised to hate and kill. How could we be in peace one day in such circumstances? The brainstorming on Palestinians children (called education by some) must be stopped! Those children must be raised on respect and kindness, and maybe one day we could reach some solutions.

See this video, hopefully it will shed some light about what I am talking -

Here are some others, if you have time...

And if you think, Palestinians children is a good cause to support, then send those links to all of your friends and maybe slowly slowly people will be aware of this problem.

Best Regards,
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Old 01-10-2009, 10:24 PM
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Default Re: To Reout: did YOU know, by the way?

"it is truly a pity that civilians, especially children, have to be casualties. Believe me, no one wants it, but when you are at war, you cannot always have control on such things."

dear reout, i'm not taking any side, but writing such a bullstuff as above simply cannot be accepted... no matter if civilians are jews, palestinians, poles (in fact, it was poznan, poland, 1914 when german soldiers for the first time in the contemporary wars history abused civilians) or any others... how many civilians casualties would be accepted in your terms as the acceptable side-effect of the war:
10 civilians : 90 soldiers?

(concerning the links you sent: scaring, i know this issue more than well!)
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Old 01-11-2009, 05:28 PM
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Default Re: To Reout: did YOU know, by the way?

Well, maybe I haven't made myself clear.... Let's try this way:

Israel doesn't hate the Palestinians people, Israel has no ambition in Gaza (I recall you that Israel left Gaza in 2005, out of its free choice, for a high cost and for no consideration), but Israel cannot permit that Gaza will become a permanent base of threatening and even killing innocent people (including children) in Israel. The south of Israel is under fire for the last 8 years. The army waited and waited, but how long can you live with bombs? Israel has to defense itself by bringing an end to the source of the bombs.

The aim of the current operation is not to hit civilian life but to dismantle the Hamas. The army is trying very hard to be as precise as possible in its targets and to avoid civilians casualties, but the bombs are stored in private houses, in mosques, in hospitals and even in schools! Israel sends SMS to civilians whose homes are about to be bombed, Israel parachutes warning leaflets, Israel is permitting humanitarian cease-fires in order to enable civilians to get some supplies and basics good, Israel is taking care of Palestinians woundeds in its own hospitals.

Israel doesn’t carry any joy in its hearts of the suffering of the Gaza people and every single person in Israel really wants this current confrontation to come to an end, but this will happen only if and when Hamas will stop shooting bombs over Israeli civilians, and then hopefully everything will come back to normal.

This is the story, and whoever asks Israel to stop shooting - they have to change the address. They need to turn to Hamas and ask them to stop shooting. If the Palestinian were to lay down their weapons, they would get a state tomorrow, whereas if Israel were to lay down its weapons, it would get slaughtered and driven away. That is the plain reality of the Middle East.

Many of Israel's children are still in the shelters, and Israel would like them, like the children of Gaza, to breathe fresh air again.

Best regards,
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Old 01-23-2009, 04:09 AM
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Default Re: To Reout: did YOU know, by the way?

The peace depends on Palestinians…

Just to think of it...
All that killings... Those children being the victims of their parents (Yes ! The children are victims of the diabolical stupidity of their parents... Always...From the beginning of times... Nothing had been changed from the stone age...!)

Just to think of it…
One, short decisive command to the Hamas: Stop the shelling !
Not a word more…
No sitting at the tables …No endless negotiations…
No signing, re-signings, calling the governments back and forth… No trying to win anything in those talks…
No… Nothing at all…
One, short command: Stop the shelling !
And… Not a one bomb more drops on Gaza… Not a one single child will be killed or hurt… No human corpses - everywhere… No blasts and detonations…
Within hours - the big war machine stops operating…
Bloody hell… Not the hours..!!!
Within the minutes the tanks will be silenced…The planes called back to their bases… The rifles stop smoking…
Within the minutes, guys…Within the minutes…!!!
No UN resolutions… No governments appeals… No interventions and endless debates in the parliaments…
No silly, fake visits of the ministers back and forth…


Look how important you might be …
The peace is depending on you…!!!
Finally - the world will listen… To you..!!!

Can you imagine?
One short, decisive command: Stop shelling… And the Israeli soldiers will be back in their short distance territory… Their machine guns folded and silenced…
One more conflict ended.. Within the minutes…
One short command… A command by a man…By a human being.. By someone who has the guts and balls and heart to say: Stop the shelling of Israel !!
Stop the shelling…!!!


Because in a million years you are not going to kill all the Jews, to wipe them out of the map, to eliminate their country from the world…
Stop shelling then…!

Every katyusha EVER launched at Israel made your country, your community, your people - weaker and more miserable, and poorer, and pushed down the drain deeper and deeper…
Your tragedy is overwhelming… Your idiotic, irrational idea of the past 60 years - of killing another race, of killing your neighbors, of not recognizing the very powerful neighbor' rights to existence - brought yourself a misery beyond description…
There is not a single, powerful nation on earth willing to help you… Not a single government will support your rights to… whatever, if you, The Palestinians - if you decide to go on and on with this demonical and extremely stupid stuff of yours…

Just to think of it…

Shaking the hands instead of teaching your children killing the Jews… Shaking the hands with the most financially influenced country on earth will bring you a gain you can't even imagine, dear brothers Palestinians…
The ages of hatred towards Jews brought you into the situation that is simply un-imaginable for the rest of the world…
Why not start to build your country, rather - like EVERY other country was built…
You have no chance… Not even one per one hundred millions of wining any military confrontation… Why then go and fight …?

Are you going to build your country…?

How to start it..?
Easy… Piece of cake… You don't have to do nothing… Not lifting your finger..
Just stop what you are doing now…

Ask Israel for help… Ask the world for help…
The world, our dim-witted and naïve world will build your country…!!! ( I'll drop a buck or two…And my family…And my friends…And everybody who has a heart will drop a buck or two !)
We will bring you life and peace… Money, investments, friendship, the tourists.. Like hundreds of other countries all over the globe…

Just stop shelling, for Abraham's sake !!!

Stop your hatred..
Just try it for crying out loud…
For the sake of your children…
Look at those eyes… Look at those eyes, you dumb, stupid idiots !!!
Look what you are doing to them…!
I am not asking Israelis to stop…I am asking the Palestinians to stop and the Israelis will stop as well…
Hey… Try for them not to stop ?
The whole world would be on their assess right away…
I'd be on their assess right away like a hungry wolf, with my big yap wide open… :-)))

Just try to live with your neighbor and outsmart your neighbor, and buyout your neighbor, and dwell in between your neighbor, and accept your neighbor in your living room, and try to fool him financially, and culturally, and compete with him in every way possible…
Make sure that your kids are prettier than their kids… And cleaner, and are better athletes and better musicians, and engineers and bankers, and mechanics…
Make sure your houses are prettier and your wine tastes better than their wine…

And, never, ever touch that trigger again…


It's your death… Your destruction… Unavoidable destruction… 100% sure destruction…
Possibly… Just possibly… One Katyusha will be equivalent to your one dead child…
Possibly… Who can predict these things… Who can control them..???
For sure not me… I'm not the prophet… I'm having my eyes wide open and my brains still operational.. Somehow…:-))

Just to think of it…?
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