To tyro: Tilt

  • Hello John - yes.... the tilt. I did wonder if I should change it and probably should have but I couldn't get it quite right. Which editing program do you use? I use Lightroom/Capture NX2 in combination and that 'transform' thingamy you speak of isn't an option.

    Funny old world isn't it? I'm sure female bishops can bring something positive into the church. Gert says that they have been part of Sweden's clergy for ages.

    In the words of James Brown "This is a Man's World"

    This is a man's world
    This is a man's world
    But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing
    Without a woman or a girl

    You see man made the cars
    To take us over the road
    Man made the train
    To carry the heavy load

    Man made the electric light
    To take us out of the dark
    Man made the boat for the water
    Like Noah made the ark

    This is a man's, man's, man's world
    But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing
    Without a woman or a girl

    Man thinks about a little bit of baby girls
    And a baby boys
    Man makes them happy
    'Cause man makes them toys

    And after man's made everything
    Everything he can
    You know that man makes money
    To buy from other man

    This is a man's world
    But it wouldn't be nothing
    Not one little thing
    Without a woman or a girl

    He's lost in the wilderness
    He's lost in bitterness
    He's lost

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  • Religion, songs.....and straightening pictures...!
    Hello Rosemary,

    By Gosh, you seem to have a huge repertoire of poems and songs with which you are familiar! From that point of view I'm very boring and have no real knowledge of "modern" music, being much more au fait with the works of Bach, Beethoven and so on - in fact, I'm just back at my computer having been downstairs trying to practise a couple of Chopin nocturnes on my old piano.

    From the point of view of differences between the sexes, I believe the differences are popularly over exaggerated. Yes, you get lousy female drivers but you get just as many equally lousy male ones. A lot of women are downright stupid but a lot of men are downright stupid as well. Physiologically, men are physically stronger and can lift heavier weights than women but women are more physically resilient and they live longer too - but that's about it. And women are generally considered emotionally more resilient than men, despite popular opinion.

    Anyway, to your picture and your editing programs. I do have Lightroom but I've never used it. That's not because I don't like it - just because I bought myself a copy of Lightroom 5 when Amazon had it on offer at a slightly reduced price. And then I found that it won't work on my computer which presently runs Vista! I must say, however, that I was quite impressed with Lightroom when I was watching (Ann's) Dave working with it when we met in Sussex last year. So, now that my present (home-built) computer is six years old, I am seriously considering building another one, particularly to be able to run it on 64-bit and have access to more memory - as well as being able to use Lightroom. The dilemma, however, is what operating system to use: I've heard so many dreadful stories about Windows 8 and 8.1 so I have to decide whether to opt for Windows 7 or wait a few months and go with the new Windows 10 when it comes out. What version of Windows do you use? Or perhaps you are one of the very elite and sensible group of people who has a Mac?

    So, no, I wasn't aware that Lightroom didn't have editing functions which covered rotating and transforming images. I have Photoshop Elements (version 11, though version 13 is now available) and it has those editing tools which seem to work quite well even although I'm sure that they're not nearly so sophisticated as in the full-blown version of Photoshop. I find Elements really excellent and it seems to do pretty much all I need - or am capable of using effectively! Elements is cheap too (about 50 or 60 here) and I know from what Ann says that she uses Lightoom to do all the light/colour/contrast editing and then imports her images into Elements for the last stages including adding frames, etc.

    Anyway, to stop me blethering on forever, I've done a quick workshop for you on your picture and I shall try to upload it just now - not particularly with a view to improving your image but just to illustrate that the image can be straightened and "transformed" in Elements. So, see what you think!

    Kindest Regards,

  • Nicely done
    Hello John - I like your WS and would like you to explain how you got the tilt right without loosing half the upper tunnel. When I tried I got the light rammed up against the top of the frame. Is this to do with the transform function?

    Warm regards from a very wet (as in pouring) Windhoek to what I imagine is a very snowy Scotland