To PixelTerror: image

  • hello Jean
    first of all thank you very much for criticism.

    This is one of the first images made with 55od. picture number is 117.
    camera settings are a litlle bit different from my previous one.
    This is seen also in quality. I am a beginner, so I must a lot to learn.
    photo has been slightly corrected by Olympus Imaging program. currently do not have adobe photo shop.
    Thanks again!
    have a nice day
  • Oh I see, congratulations for getting a 550D !!!
    One advice I can give you: take your photos in RAW, if you don't know how to process RAW images yet, you can activate RAW+JPG, so each image will generate 2 files. Later when you get better software, you'll be happy that you have these RAW files.
  • hi Jean
    Thanks wery much for new advice!
    I am grateful for any advice which I get.
    kindley regards