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Great andante 2009-02-08 14:27

New Jersey... middle of the winter... this picture makes me long for the spring days... would like to hear your comments about the Mark II.
The people in the picture with a touch of 'wish you were here'


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Default To sayeed_rahman: hi

hi Sayeed

Only D3 :) Because it is the same sensor as D700. Not D90 which is D80/D200 sensor.

I am planning [un-dated yet] a trip to Southern and Northern India separately. A few friends in the south. But I like trekking, so the north probably brings more appeal. Hopefully in 2009 or 2010 when I can allocate the time. And you bet I would try to ascend Sikkim and see this girl and loaded myself with some photos to return.

Honestly speaking, in old days before digital or even color film, B&W resolution was high and used in photography for portraits, then came along landscape techniques.

But color file and slides have been very powerful. The digital version becomes even more versatile with computer software.

So in way, I am not willing to return to B&W days of film, although there is still good reason for digital B&W portrait because the resolution and contrast is always more appealing on skin tone.

Of course, I have seen some portraits that illustrate emotional, behavioral or cultural aspects and when you are going out of comfort zone to try it, it can be a good experience. But I think it is a step behind now. Imagine the comparison of pencil vs oil painting portrait. Which has more power?

I think Manny has done some great work in both B&W and color, though his presentation is always his own style. And I believe you can do better with graphic appeal, relative or individualistic approach in color, sometimes in B&W.

I look at Steve McCurry's work and know why so many are impressed with his style. Here is a commentary about why his Angkor Wat picture in color is impressed [I should have seen this before my trip to Cambodia!]
Angkor Wat in color.

Individualistic, you say! I think that really takes time to build up. I have seen many photographers here on TE who started out and eventually polished their own style very nicely, and I can name quite a few but would not do so, because we have all our own preference.

I said in one of my posts that I am facing a cross-road and that is quite true even at this moment in time. I am still searching for something that can define my own thoughts well and present what I see - you call it indivisualistic. It is just style. I am certain I find some influence from some people's work, not necessarily from TE photographers because I browse other websites like pbase, and others.

In fact, there are so many directions to go and I am finding which way is the best that is suitable for me. It takes time to realise what I hope for.

I wish to leave you with this link
portraits by Steve McCurry.

Cheers, bill
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Default Re: To sayeed_rahman: hi

Yah thats right..the sensors of 700 and d3 are manufactured by nikon..hence the big price tags..!!

d90 also gives grainless results over 2000..have seen a few shots !

personally i believe d90 is not what was wanted in world of mode..!! why..what mode in an slr..just to sell units..sad !

i have done a few workshops with a well known photographer who has been in the industry for over 30 years..started in the 70s..his prized work was of surrealism for which he got the MFIAP - french thing.

He is totally "digital" since the inception of students send their work and so does he for international all digital..

it is "one step back" i know..but its a phase more than anything else..even i had tendencies to shoot in bnw film and develop it in my own darkwoom...never happened so far..

I am facing a cross-road and that is quite true even at this moment in time - its important that one goes through this state of mind..and i am glad that you have..i think the key is to have that perspective about what interest you the what excites you..what you love and hate..what strikes a chord deep need to convey that feeling of yours to a total stranger...its about conveying "you" to another..when you start doing that successfully it becomes art and you become n artist..that should be the objective for all of us..

you should know where it all leads..the they represent who you are..i think this is the only way this passion can survive for a long time..i mean 20-30 years of your mid-life..that the time we give a maximum to the world around us..

i know what interested me all the way..i still love landscapes..exotic landscapes..but i come back from a trip and 80% of the memory card are people..

am i angry - no,
am i sad - no,
am i confused - no,

i am surprised..this is me i am turning out to be..people are what excites..people who i love..i am just happy..i am following my heart..the shots represent me who i am and will grow to be in time..

think its time to reflect and know who we are and what we want to you can even make the slightest difference to the ones nearest around you..the ones you love..they are the most important ones...

i have seen you passion since you grown bigger..and bolder..i think its now that you have hit "the crossroad" have to take a short pause and reflect..who you really want to show..something that is Bill Laucp...i should see a post on the pages and say.."ok that Bill.." without seeing "trekks"..

its a good fortune and a blessing to keep at it..and you have done that unlike while youve been the chosen one...DON'T LET GO !

Apart from that..McCurry's potraits..yah i saw his book of potraits at alocal store..saw it over several days..who buy a coffee table should look for that book..its hardcover 5x7 photographs around 300 of them..

i wish to leave you with This link

Enjoy yourself !

[p.s something is wrong with the Angkor Wat link you gave]
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Default Re: To sayeed_rahman: hi

ok, my mistake, that link should be this one Angkor Wat in color.

Yes, I had been thinking about a pause and reflect on things, it had happened 2-3 months ago. You would see how my Cambodia travelogue comes out in due time, there is a slight change. I went primarily for landscape, but in the course of visiting to places, it is hard to close my eyes to what I see in local people, poverty and daily life. The S21, museums etc all brought some effect, not just the palaces and temples.

As added insurance to my hobby along this path, I have added D700, D40 and some lenses for the coming direction to go.

And yes, India is on the path. Today I looked up Sikkim and Gangkok. Regards, bill
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