To lousat: Boris Johnson

  • Ciao Luciano,
    First of all this is actually taken in a different place, different day, although somehow I have two similarly themed trips last weekend.
    Bridestones were never showed on TrekEarth before.
    In regard to Boris. I am quite amazed by what has happened. I think people decide whom to like and then they like the politician no matter what he does or says.
    I remember your posts showing him next to a symbolic tomb of 80 year old British people.
    Yes, he chose pretty bad advisors, and for a very long time he stubbornly went against advice from all over the world, WHO etc. basically not doing anything.
    Him and his advisors last week said that introducing stricter measures would be populist act.
    Let me get it straight: if we have more deaths in the UK than in Italy, it will be clearly his contribution.
    And so my daughter was still at school last Friday with children of nurses...
    And then suddenly he completely changed his mind. I think he just noticed that nobody except his advisors agrees with his strategy.
    He decided to close schools.
    So on Friday my daughter went to school, people were picking up children, standing next to each other having a chat.
    And they fully supported Boris for his non-populist decision (of a Brexit guy ha ha).
    Next day, on Saturday however, whoever made a walk in the park was suddenly a bad person. And yet again Boris is praised locally for the way he handled (or didn't handle) the crisis.
    So all people suddenly strongly support his move of closing everything even though a day before they completely supported his move of not doing anything.
    I am having a bit difficulty to understand the logic.
    I even had a situation that a lady showed photos from her walk in a park which she did on Saturday and on Sunday she was calling people going out to the park as idiots.
    Just in case I decided not to use social media too much. I think I become allergic to it.
    I hope you are healthy,
    Kind regards,