• I live in Montreal where there is a large and vibrant Haitian community. A lot of singers, performers, journalists, writers and politicians of Haitian origin are part of our daily life. Even the General Governor of Canada, miss Michaëlle Jean, was born in Haïti.

    Canada is a natural place for them to immigrate - mostly in Montreal - as both our countries are French speaking.

    A lot of Quebecers are personally affected by the devastating earthquake that have literally destroyed the capital and the area, another disaster that exacerbate the already critical situation of Haïti, one of the poorest and most vulnerable country in the world.

    I just had a thought for these people that I have met tonight in the bus, in the streets of Montreal, most of them visibly shaken. Once I came home, I have decided to look at the photos of this country, taken by members of TE.

    I think it worths a look - only 11 pages - to get an idea about this half island. Some photos are joyous, some teach a lesson, most of them make us humble.

    This one in particular gives an idea about the meaning of the word <b>poor</b>.

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    It is a terrible tradgedy that has happened to this country especially since they have so little already and now so many people have to start from scratch to rebuild their lives and deal with the loss of many others.
    It was a nice idea to have a look at this handfull of photo's to get a bit of a better idea about a country that I know so little about.
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    J'allais écrire un mot de sympathie pour le peuple Haïtiens si durement touché, André *InasiaJones* ma devancé, je te félicite André pour ce geste!
    Par la voix de TE je compatie avec tous ces gens qui souffrent encore et encore.
    Nous sommes bien peu de chose sur cette planète en furie.
    Même si par TE nous voyons les plus beaux villages, les plus belles régions, il y a de beaucoup de souffrance.
    Je suis bien en pensées avec tous ces gens.
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    Hello Andre, I really felt very sad for the devastating earthquake happened in Haiti most recently. I also get shaken after seeing the general situation on TV. I hope, those who are still under rubble will be rescued soon.
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    The situation is dreadful. Despite there being a huge effort from the rest of the world the infrastructure is so damaged, help can't get to where it is needed.
    Just one example - a British rescue team has arrived to help find people still alive in the rubble. The plane carrying essential equipment they need to do a thorough job has been turned away because there was nowhere for it to land. They are trying to carry on without their trained dogs and heat-seeking equipment. Without those they're just extra people digging in the rubble. How many other planes full of aid have been turned away? There must be another way. There are other islands only a boat ride away.
    My heart goes out to all those affected.
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    Hello Andre,

    There is also a large Haitian population here in Brooklyn; in fact there is a Haitian church just down the street from me, and I can't stop thinking about the people suffering both in Haiti and here. I went to bed last night with images from CNN stuck in my head. It is truly catastrophic and something that the lovely people of Haiti don't deserve.

    Thanks for pointing people in the direction of the Haiti photos.
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    "How many other planes full of aid have been turned away? There must be another way. There are other islands only a boat ride away."

    From the latest news report on the BBC, the port is virtually destroyed as well, so supplies can't even be landed from ships. The holding area at the airport is apparently very small so there is a limit to how many aircraft can be on the ground at one time. Hopefully once the US forces get there with their aircraft carriers etc they will be able to move supplies by helicopter. Even that isn't going to provide quick relief as even the largest choppers have comparatively limited weight limits.
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    What a terrible tragedy! Why do the horrible things always happen to the same people?
    The only thing we can do is send our donations, and be glad that the rescue teams are starting to get organised.
    International aid seems to be generous; and if we can hope for something positive to come out of this cataclysm, it's that once they start rebuilding, the UN together with the Haitian people won't stop until the country is in a fairly decent situation!
    As B.Obama said in his speech yesterday, the aid will carry on for years to come!
    I have no pictures of this country to help the memory of this catastrophe. However, as IniasaJones suggested, we should visit Haiti gallery and leave our comments, just to show we are concerned!
    I have looked over Infamous's last picture which was taken in a street of Haiti last January 1st!
    If she is still over there I hope she is fine. I have just sent her a word via the "Contact me" option...
    Best regards to all the people visiting this forum!
    Marie Louise.
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    Today the UN are saying this is the worst disaster they have ever had to deal with in terms of damaged infrastructure. Movement of vehicles is virtually impossible due either to collapsed buildings blocking roads or actual damage to the roads.