To Clairedelune: Artifacts and artless facts

  • Hi Claire--You are simply much too observant. You should have a job picking spies out of crowds or something. "See that guy in the crowd near the escalator, talking on his cell phone? He's holding his phone exactly the way the CIA trains their agents to do. And the hair over his ears isn't trimmed quite right--the barber by the lobby at CIA headquarters always messes up on that. He must be the one."

    Other spy-career advantages--when you needed to photograph secret enemy documents, you would take the time to make a good composition, and you'd photograph papers only in the pleasant warm light of sunrise and sunset. Maybe you could use the lensbaby to selectively put the focus on the juicy stuff, like what time the bomb is set to explode.

    The extra knee doesn't bother me. It helps suggest a crowd. I don't like the diagonal line on the face, but that's the way the light was--something was shadowing half of his face. I am not good enough with PS to get rid of it.

    So, tell me, is either guy in the photo working for the CIA?

    Regards, Ken.
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    Hi Ken,

    I simply use my Nature's gift: my eyes. :)

    No spying for me. Too stressful job! I hate stress! ;)

    The diagonal line of the light? No need to PP that, in my opinion. I was simply curious at what had made this. Don't lose your time on that.
    As to an extra knee suggesting a crowd... well... I am certainly lacking imagination here. :)) And quite frankly, that photo is not about a crowd, I think? ;))

    Have a wonderful Sunday, dear Ken!

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    OK, you're right, it's not about a crowd. But maybe it's in part about a cramped space--that's what I should have said.

    Anyway, I like knees. I use mine regularly. Without them, I would be slower in a 10k race.

    Have a great Sunday, too!

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    Ok! I let you the knees and I keep my eyes! ;)

    Seriously Ken, don't ever forget that it is a good photo! Knees or no knees.

    It is always a very great pleasure for me to discuss with you. Intelligence and humor are such a delight!! And such are your gifts...