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Good mezz 2006-12-20 6:09

I also quite like the warm tone, and the trees add a lovely touch. But I think I would prefer it if the tower wasn't so "centred", I would have preferred if it was more to the right.

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Default To Polonaise: What can I say............

Thanks for stopping by.......
of course, everyone is entitled to his opinion and you have expressed yours in no uncertain terms, but just for the record. There has been no neat image or ninja image run on this. As you say correctly say I have only basic skills at PP, and most of my posts have a frame and USM on them.
What I do have is a gift to interact with people and especially when spoken language seems to be the barrier, as many have seen in my photographs, you seem to have missed that. I certainly am very aware that people have souls and have very grounded photographic ethics.
So maybe George, before you tear the next photograph to bits make sure of your facts.
Happy Christmas!
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Default Re: To Polonaise: What can I say............

No, I won't tear apart another photo of yours.
No, I didn't miss anything in your photo.
Your interacting skills are better than most of the photographers here, yet very far away from 'real' interacting, from the nerves of steel, and calm, analyzing mind.
The heart is there. Big, palpitating of emotions - heart of yours, Elaine.
I'm sure that my critique will turn your guts up side down. You don't need another one.
It's time to start analyzing the works of yours.
Or not. It's up to you.
You'll give some points. They'll give you some points.
It's OK.
That softening stuff on your people's faces...?
It's really ugly and artificial !!
It's the first thing to go, if you want to improve... may want not.(?)
Either way, I won't bother tearing apart no more..
You too smart not to get the message the first time.
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