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Great Leconte 2010-02-15 8:27

Hello Bulent,

I turned around to find this picture without saying anything to this machine, which at the opening of the picture seemed to resemble a musical instrument of a new genre! Your note is very instructive about the "elegant experiments",
in France, we have discovered that the government has decided to authorize by order the recycling of metals, plastics and rubble from the decommissioning of nuclear facilities in order to use in the manufacture of cement and steel. This decree will recycle millions of tons of radioactive waste, including the nuclear industry will not know what to do (eg what is happening with the dismantling of the central Brennilis, Brittany). Constituting an exception to the prohibition order in 2002 banning the recycling of nuclear waste in the building products and consumer goods, this decree will help disseminate the market for everyday consumer items containing radioactive materials low. It will also bikes, cars, houses, etc., made with materials from the recycling.
what do you think of that?

best regards,

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Default To Leconte: Radioactivity...

My post was probably much too technical, but I am happy that there are some highly intelligent minds who were not entirely turned off. Recycling makes sense, but it has be done judiciously. France has been extraordinarily progressive in deriving energy from nuclear (fission) reactors — by far the best in the world. I am convinced that any metal recycled from reactors will be properly monitored for radioactivity.

About 20 years ago there was a memorable incident in the American South West. A hospital in Texas donated its Cobalt-60 machine to a hospital in Mexico. Co-60 source used in these machines is extremely high in activity and is used in irradiating cancerous tumors. As the machine was being driven to its destination in Mexico, hijackers stopped the truck, took the machine, and without knowing the dangerous cargo, melted it down for scrap metal. These were made into ingots, and then into table legs for restaurants. (The legs were highly radioactive, with the Cobalt having mixed in an alloy with other metals.) The table legs were then shipped back to the United States to be made into tables in restaurants. As the truck entered the United States in New Mexico, the driver got lost and entered the gates of Los Alamos, a government laboratory where super secret research is carried out. The driver, confessing that he was lost, asked the attendants at the gate for directions. He was told where to go, but first had to back up in a semi-circle, entering the "exit" gate of Los Alamos. The exit gate was equipped with detectors that could pick up radioactive samples leaving the lab, but the gate was unattended. However, a camera at the gate took photos of the back of the truck tripped by the nuclear detectors.

Months passed by before the huge amount of radioactive material was tracked down. The radioactive table legs had found their way into a restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri where they were happily irradiating costumers below the table. I can imagine what happen to the original hijackers that robbed and melted down the Co-60 machine!

I hope I haven't bored you with this lengthy story. Warmest regards, Valérie to your family.
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Default Restaurant in Missouri

Hi Bulent,

Holy cow!

I live in St. Louis, we always go to the new restaurants!

Do you know the name of that place?



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