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Great rlrad 2010-02-15 15:59

Hello Bulent,

I was staring at this contraption for a long period last night, in between glances at the Olympic games, trying to figure out just how this was manufactured and how on earth someone decided this is the mathematical shape of plasma. Well, that is why you are the physicist and I am the lowly computer geek. It is astounding. I assume the tubes are for chilled water - we used a similar system for keeping computers and display equipment cool when I was in the Navy. It was a colossal mess when one developed a pin-hole internally to some equipment, but for the most part it worked very well. As for the rest, I am content to consider it an abstract sculpture as you state.

I hope you rocket scientists figure out this fusion stuff so we can stop paying so much for gas!

Anyway, your nuclear lesson served to remind me that I should have gone with that nuclear power program the Navy offered me way back when I was even more ignorant and turned them down.

Cool photo, nice group shot in the workshop, too. It must be interesting to be surrounded by so much brain power. You'd hate my job - I'm surrounded by managers and am one!

Anyway, tremendous post, you showed us something of the world that not many of us will ever get the chance to see in person. And even fewer of us understand it.


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Default To rlrad: Fusion...

This has to be one of the most entertaining and engaging, modest and self-deprecating notes I've seen on TE. Big science is expensive and brings myriad unexpected bonuses; politicians, however, get elected for finite terms of two or six years. In the mid-1990s a social minded congress swept into power, and stopped funding of two immensely important programs. They closed down the super-conducting super collider facility that was going being constructed in Texas. They also drastically reduced the funding of controlled fusion facility at Princeton. The largest collider is now being completed in Switzerland, and the center-of-gravity of science is shifting back to Europe, after being in the United States for 60-70 years. We will be losing some of our best young scientific brains to Europe. An international test reactor dwarfing the one at Princeton is now being constructed in France. Controlled fusion will most likely come to fruition there. Many thanks for the gracious note.

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Default Losing to Europe

I have heard many very intelligent people speak about how the time for the United States of America to be the leading power of the world is past. They say the world is in a state of flux and the shift of power is already in full swing - and that power could shift to China or India or another country that can take control. We can only hope the place where the power comes to rest is as benevolent as the US has endeavored to be. No matter how many people of varying sorts believe that the US is the great Satan, I still believe the foundation of my country is freedom and the proliferation of freedom for one and all.

It's hard to believe we cannot continue such important research right here in the US. To abandon it is probably dooming us to that very loss of power.

It is going to be a hard thing for the US to swallow. Hard for our fellow Americans to understand. How could such a thing happen? Perhaps it is inevitable. I really hope the US can adjust to a more global economy, a more global knowledge and shares on a more global basis. Otherwise we will be left behind, trailing along as much as any other third world country we ourselves have had disdain for over the years.

Thanks for the discourse, Bulent, I rarely get to have such conversations with minds such as yours.

Have a great day and please teach those young brains the right stuff!

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